Communication Students of UMM Show Off 1500 Photographic Products and Graphic Design

Author : Humas | Thursday, January 04, 2018 10:16 WIB
Two participants of the exhibition is looking at the works of other participants, Wednesday (3/1). Picture by: Ariel

Communication Study Program University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) held Design Graphic and Photography Exhibition, Artphobic Vol 2 on Wednesday (3/1). This which was the second event held on the 3.5th floor UMM and brough a tagline “Being Creative and Being Productive”.

This event exhibited photography works of Communication students of class 2017 and graphic design works of Communication students of class 2016. This exhibition is a result of taking Graphic Computer course and Basic Photography course.

Not only to showcase the work of students, more in this activity is expected to be the lighter spirit of students to continue to produce the work. This was conveyed by the lecturer of graphic design course lecturer, Fitri Kurniawati.

Fitri conveyed that students were given 5 projects, which were magazine project, two logo projects, and two packaging products take away on this second Artphobic . However, the students were free to choose what theme they would take in making the project. Fitri said, “The students are free to choose the theme because they usually are fixated on some particular design grips. In fact, the design itself is actually a free art”.

Basic Photography course exhibited 40 thematic photographs and brought a special theme for this exhibition which is “Life of Traditional Market”. The lecturer of Basic Photography course, Rahadi, conveyed that there is a reason why that theme was selected. He is interested in the interaction among people in traditional markets. They are the representation of the people in the neighborhood. When someone interacts with others in a traditional market, it means they interact with people in society indirectly. Rahadi said, “It is hoped that the students can directly interact with the subjects and take pictures closely”.

One of the participants of Artphobic Vol.2 as well as the chief executive of the exhibition, Jelly Bagus Prasetyo, admitted that he is impressed by his friends’ works. He hopes that there will be many new works created and exhibitions in the future. Bagus who is a student of Communication Science department of class 2016, is sure that working in Photography and Design Graphic field can the main job. He said, “It is such a not good choice to stop photographing and design after the course ends. I hope that I and my friends continue photographing and designing.” (lus)




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