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Author : Humas | Tuesday, September 01, 2015 16:28 WIB

THE FIRST activity of the 2015/2016 Darmasiswa RI Scholarship grantees, the Opening Cermony, was officially held on Tuesday (31/8) at Senate Courtroom University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) by Bahasa Indonesia for Foreigners (BIPA) UMM unit. The event was participated by 18 foreign students from 14 different countries.

The chairman of BIPA UMM Dr. Arif Budi Wurianto, M.Si informed that these 18 students will involve in several programs in UMM for six months to one year. The students came from Netherland, Germany, Ukraine, Iraq, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Poland, Morocco, Algeria, Afghanistan and Cambodia. They were selected by the Ministry of Education and Culture Indonesia.

Furthermore, Arif Budi added that the although the BIPA program was started in 2006, it is actually firstly formed in 1968. “Here the foreign students learn Indonesian language, music and arts,” he said. Up to now, there are more than 75 countries participated.

“Those who have returned to their countries will be the Emissaries of Indonesian Culture and also will be invited to the event held by the embassy,” he explained.

In the Opening Ceremony, the BIPA units disseminated all about BIPA programs, the lecture system, the way to get the temporary resident permit (KITAS), the agenda for the week and the necessities of the students related to the activities in Malang. Eventually, due to the fluency of some students in speaking Bahasa Indonesia, the students will attend the lecture in elementary and intermediate classes.      

Although not considered as regular students, they are required to participate several activities held by university during their study at UMM, such as Students Orientation (Pesmaba) altogether with the other foreign and local students.

As being met at the end of the event, a Germany student, Isabelle, said that she is happy to be one of the grantees. She was really enthusiastic talking about UMM. “It’s all white and the road is up and down. Really interesting,” she laughed. “Malang is not cold, but is perfect,” she added with two thumbs up.

The Darmasiswa Scholarship is a program of Indonesian language and culture study funded by Indonesian government where UMM becomes one of the hosts. Through this program, UMM annually receives several foreign students to study and exchange culture value. (ich/han/t­_far)



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