Foreign Student to be Duta Nusantara

Author : Humas | Monday, January 12, 2015 16:11 WIB


Ten foreign students University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) showed their Indonesian language skill in speaking test, Monday (12/1). Those ten students came from United State, China, South Korea, Latvia, Thailand and Vietnam.

The test was held in front of UPT. Bahasa Indonesia for Foreign Speaker (BIPA) office UMM was seen by UMM student who were around that place. Every student was given different topic to be presented. 

In this test, they were simulated as ambassadors who were presented his programs in front of audiences. There were as Ambassador of Bahasa Indonesia, Ambassador of Hygiene, Ambassador of Health, Ambassador of Traditional Cloth, Ambassador of Traditional Music, Ambassador of Tourism, Ambassador of Transportation, Ambassador of Environment, Ambassador of Traffic, and Ambassador of Traditional food. 

Vice Rector III UMM, Dr Diah Karmiyati Psi took present to open and see directly the test that was held by BIPA UMM. In her speech, PR III asked to the student who were attended the test not too nervous.

“Smile please,” she said with smile and laughter from foreign student who attended the test.

She added, Campus appreciated BIPA UMM that focus to accompany foreign student during their studies at UMM. 

“I also heard sometimes ago foreign student from this campus to be the winner of Indonesia culture contest. This was great achievement because also accompanied by great people,” said Diah.

She hoped, there will be more foreign student come to UMM next day.

The Chief of BIPA UMM, Dr Arif Budi Wuriyanto MSi said, this event beside as test also has another meaning in next 10 years.

“Foreign student here in next ten years can be an ambassador or general consultant their country in Indonesia,” said Arif.

Arif continued, in order to 70th anniversary of Republic Indonesia will be held national contest with theme “Terima Kasih Indonesia” by foreign student in Indonesia.

“Hope later from UMM can follow and be the winner,” he said.     



In presentation, each student has different topic related to issue that occur in Indonesia. Student from Thailand Tanapat Boonrat told Indonesia as great nation so required unifying language it is Bahasa Indonesia.

“Indonesia language should be developed, but bahasa Indonesia in shifting, it was because Indonesian people not proud to speak Indonesia language. Not only that now there are ‘alay’ language and slang,” said Tanapat Boonrat.

Tanapat also provided solution from that issue, such as start from government until people to keep and must use Indonesia language correctly.  

“Second, by developing an attractive learning model, also the last provides many reading place,” said Tanapat.

Not only about Indonesia Language, transportation issue in Indonesia also discussed. In this chance Justin, student from South Korea who presented.

“I lived four months in Indonesia observed that the biggest transportation problems are traffic jam and air pollution,” said Justin.

He also provided solution such as limitation of motor vehicle, providing bus stop for public transportation, and installation for traffic signs in some traffic jams place.

“But I think, the important is paying tax equally. Because in my opinion, rich people must responsible to help country by their income,” he said. (sel/zul/han/t_zuh)




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