Foreign Students Choose UMM Due to Learning Environment and Achievements

Author : Humas | Wednesday, September 06, 2017 11:22 WIB


27 foreign students of Darmasiswa and Kemitraan Negara Berkembang are taking pictures together after the opening ceremony.

LOCATED IN Malang City, East Java, known cool and comfortable to learn, make foreign students from various countries choose University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) as the destination of study. In addition to the location, the advantages and achievements of UMM contained on the website become the main consideration of foreign students.

This was conveyed by Dr. Arif Budi Wurianto MSi, the head of Indonesian Language Unit for Foreign Speakers (BIPA) of UMM on the sidelines of the opening ceremony to 20 foreign students of Darmasiswa scholarship program and 7 foreign students of Developing Country Partnership (KNB) Senate of UMM, Wednesday (6/9). A total of 27 students are 78 foreign students who come from 16 countries and be part of UMM this year.

The various considerations are considered important. According to Arif, Darmasiswa foreign student admissions system is different from previous years. In previous years, the government gave quota to each university, but starting 2017, students from various countries are free to choose the destination university in Indonesia on the application form of registration.

Furthermore, Arif said, the implementation of this new system presents a challenge for each university to compete in improving the quality to remain a choice of prospective students. "Based on the results of interviews in the Embassy (Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia) in their home country, the reason they choose this campus because of the location and excellence UMM achievements," said Arif.

This year, the total number of foreign students of Darmasiswa program reached 670 people spread in 63 various universities in Indonesia. At UMM, Darmasiswa students are 20 people from seven countries: Sudan, Palestine, India, South Korea, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Besides Darmasiswa, UMM also received seven KNB students from Sierra Lione, Palestine, Afghanistan, Cambodia, and Vietnam. The seven students take master program at UMM.

"So, there are two scholarship programs from two ministries, namely Darmasiswa RI scholarship from Kemendikbud and KNB scholarship from Kemenristek Dikti. Two ministries, two scholarships on the same campus, we combined in an opening ceremony," said Arif.

Welcoming foreign students, UMM is ready to implement several programs covering language learning, culture, art, and environment. This refers to the ultimate goal of learning Darmasiswa which will form a student who is ready to promote the language, culture, and art of Indonesia in their respective countries as cultural ambassadors.

Language learning will take place in the classroom. Meanwhile, to introduce students to the surrounding environment and tourism, students will be invited to tour some tourist destinations in Malang Regency and Batu city. In addition, they will also explore the archipelago to several tourist destinations in East Java. Not only that, to sharpen the students' awareness of the environment and the surrounding population, UMM has designed community service, which is a program of student visits to schools, orphanages, or foundations for children with disabilities and special needs.

"Currently they are still living in the dormitory. But, in the near future they will look for homestay. It is important to introduce students with the surrounding community, as well as the application of Indonesian community culture learning to students," said Arif.

In his speech, Vice Chancellor II Dr. Nazaruddin Malik MSi welcomed vigorously dozens of foreign students. "We are going to give a lot of new insights to all of you. Welcome to Indonesia, welcome to UMM, hopefully always happy during the study, "said Nazaruddin. (ard)



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