Foreign Students Develop Organic Plants in Kampung Temas

Author : Humas | Tuesday, September 05, 2017 12:45 WIB
Participants of DT-Camp take a picture after closing ceremony.

AFTER eight days of Design Thinking Camp (DT Camp) program from August 28 to September 4, 2017, as many as 40 students that consist  of 20 students of University of  Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) and 20 foreign students would return to their daily activities. Hopefully, the DT Camp program could improve the competence of the students across the country in order design thinking and management of organic plants.

The DT Camp was the cooperation result between International Relations Office (IRO) UMM with Kampung Wisata Temas (Temas Tourism Village). Those 20 foreign students according  to Foreign Cooperation Sector Assistant Rector Soeparto were from Istanbul Sehir University (Turkey), Yangoon University (Myanmar), Tongren University (China) and Rajamanggala University of Technology (Thailand). "All those universities are UMM partners," Soeparto said.

In this activity, not merely focused on education and training, but the participants were directly invited to come to field. They saw how management of organic plants, observing problems, and guidance of creating prototypes of problem solving  concept . At the closing of DT Camp on september 4, the result was directly presented to the manager of  Temas Tourism Village.

Soeparto explained,  selecting of this agricultural themes based on reason. The theme was aimed to introduce the trend of Indonesian organic  plants to students, especially foreign students. "According to research, peole are looking  organic plants mostly by parents to cure illness. In fact, organic plants more useful ", he explained.

Soeparto added that in addition to community involvement, this activity also was aimed to introduce Indonesia to the world. It can be seen from half of participants were foreign students who were invited directly by UMM.

In addition to that goal, the DT Camp program were also added by  cultural introduction, including traditional games and arts such as dance, creating of Malang mask, culinary, until Javanese traditional wedding procession.

A foreign students from Turkey, Sumaya, admitted  very impressed with  Indonesian culture that was introduced. "In addition,  getting  design thinking  concept in detail, I also get knowledge about Indonesian culture. I love Indonesian, its culture, especially  its food, " said the student of Istanbul Sehir University department of Industrial Engineering. (Naz)




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