Maharesigana UMM was Ready to Conduct Disaster Risk Reduction Assistance

Author : Humas | Tuesday, March 12, 2019 13:46 WIB
delivering of material. (Photo: Special)

Students of the Disaster Preparedness Volunteer (Maharesigana) of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) attended the Training of Facilitators (TOF) organized by the Muhammadiyah Disaster Management Center (MDMC). The TOF was held for three days at the house of Rosi Hendrawan, The Chair of the MDMC Malang Regency (7-9 / 3).

The agenda was attended by Wahyu Heniwati from the Division of Disaster Risk Reduction and MDMC Central Leadership Preparedness (PP-MDMC) as the speaker, and 10 Maharesigana administrators as participants. TOF participants get material on how to conduct disaster risk reduction (DRR) assistance.

Among them was assessing or extracting data on various types of hazards in an area, conducting regional mapping, conducting threat rating analysis using a multi-threat approach, understanding the character of a threat, and disaster risk assessment.

There were several things that must be done during DRR assistance. "If all this has been done, then it is to make an action plan," Wahyu Heniwati explained. Furthermore, TOF participants were given the opportunity to practice the knowledge that they have obtained using the available tools.

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In the practice, all trainees were asked to review threats in an area to determine the action plan that must be done. Participants were divided into three teams. They were the DRR team in the school, the DRR team in the village, and the DRR team in special areas such as the coastal and downstream or upstream areas of the river.

"Maharesigana is expected to be ready in providing DRR assistance either at the Disaster Safe Education Unit (SPAB) or even at the Masyarakat Tangguh Bencana (Mastana)," explained the Founder of the Daya Anisa Foundation.

Rosi Hendrawan explained, Indonesia was a region known with many volcanoes or commonly called the ring of fire region. In addition, Indonesia was a region where the Eurasian, Indo-Australian and Pacific plates meet so that Indonesia was one of the regions with high potential for disasters.

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"Therefore, the importance conduct DRR early in various regions. Maharesigana is one of the drivers of disaster mitigation in various sectors or regions. I really applaud the enthusiasm for learning that the participants have," he explained.

Indra Fery as The Chair of Maharesigana explained that every volunteer can contribute to the world of disaster. Not only is it done by responding to a disaster but it can also be done before the disaster happened by conducting disaster risk reduction and disaster preparedness.

"Training of Facilitators is one way to increase volunteer capacity in mitigating or preventing disasters," concluded this UMM Agribusiness Masters student. (Win)



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