MAFI Fest, Barometer of National Film Appreciation

Author : Humas | Saturday, April 04, 2015 15:24 WIB

Young Filmmaker: MAFI Fest was assessed by young filmmaker TedikapuriAmanda (right) as the barometer of the national film appreciation


Malang Film Festival (MAFI Fest) work of Student Activity Unit (UKM) Kine Club, University of Muhammadiyah Malang became the benchmark of national film industry. It was revealed in press conference that held on Thursday (2/4). “MAFI Fest became the window for measuring Indonesian film. Not to be compete, but appreciated,” said Tedikapuri Amanda, documentary filmmaker who is now to be head development program in Eagle Institute Foundation. Mafi Fest 2015 event will be held in three days, Thursday-Saturday (2-4/4) at Theatre UMM Dome. 

Director of MAFI Fest, Maharani Novia Zahroh said, festival that themed “Kearifan Lokal” should be raised for public consumption through short film the work of young generation. She continued, National Film Day that near to Malang City Anniversary is good moment to introduce the work of young filmmaker in Indonesia, especially Malang. “This is good moment to show a film with theme local culture the work of young generation,” she said.

Support to appreciate work of young generation also expressed Yudi Data. “Film industry will always survive if small communities in Indonesia is still live,” said filmmaker who is became famous because to be director of photography (DOP) 5cm film. He also exampled MAFI Fest such as a girl who are already akil baligh. “The existence which has reached 11 times made MAFI Fest has matured in thinking and behaving such as a girl who has been akil baligh,” he said.

MAFI Fest to be one of media to appreciate short film in national level. Short film by school student and college who don’t successfully nominated still to be appreciated through Nawak Ngalam program. While work of Malang film communities are appreciated through Malangan session. In addition, the Back to Indonesia Cinema presents in the MAFI Fest series to give education to the audience about the need of financial support for young filmmaker. 

If space of film indie film appreciation much more, so the character of nation will be more visible. “Although the nation does not exist, the film still exist,” said Yudi Datau (dar/zul/han/t_zuh)




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