MAFI Festival 2019: Highlight Divorce Issues through Cinematography

Author : Humas | Saturday, April 13, 2019 15:05 WIB
Opening of 2019 Festival MAFI, Thursday (10/4). (Photo: Special)

In 2015, Malang District became the second highest divorce area in Indonesia. This was the concern of the Kine Club cinematography group University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), in their film production, "The Story in the Dark Room" at Gala Primere which premiered at the Malang Film Festival (MAFI Fest) 2019, Thursday (11/4).

"Divorce becomes an issue that closest with the community. This is what makes this theme raised. This film tries to deliver that divorce is not the only solution that can be taken, "said Adik Fitria as the producer. The plan, this year, Kine Club will be roadshow to ten points in the location with the highest divorce rate in Malang Regency.

The figure of the father and mother in the film directed by Hafidz Alamudi told about the harmonization of married life. Narrated, the wife is willing to become the breadwinnerof the family because of the physical limitations of the blind husband. Unfortunately, the wife's willingness made her husband ask for a divorce because he felt to become a burden for the family, especially the wife.

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 Story development took time for 2 months. During this time, data surveys and interviews were conducted to strengthen the storyline. According to Hafidz, the most challenging is the rain scene and shooting on the railroad. "It takes time management because firefighter and train only have a very short time," said Adik, a Communication Science student.

While the Director of MAFI Fest Aliya Dwi Citra said, Kine Club UMM continued to consistently provide space for young Indonesian filmmakers in order to bring the film to the audience through the Malang Film Festival (Mafi Fest). This year, Mafi Fest 2019 again gave the Appreciation Room Program to become the gala premiere of the Kine Klub UMM film Produksi Bersama (Prodber).

In addition to the screening of the gala primere film Produksi Bersama, MAFI Fest invited one of the social-themed guest films, which was "The Song of the Grassroots". An indie film about a wife and two children from movement activist Widji Thukul in life, after their husband and father were declared missing. The screening was accompanied by footage of the May 1998 riots.

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 This year's MAFI Fest had 4 competition categories, consisting of Student of University Short Fiction, Student Short Fiction, Student of University Documentary and Student Documentary. The number of films that entered this year had increased from the previous years, which was 477 films. Only 23 films will pass the curation. Each category winner was announced as the winner on the evening of the awarding, Saturday (4/13).

From April 10-13, MAFI Festival was also filled with various interesting programs. The non-competition programs include Award Night, Malangan Session, Special Screening Program, First Screening Program, General Discussion and Critical Class. The event was held well because collaborated with VIU Indonesia and Pusbang Film of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia. (Win)



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