The 4 Movies Winners of MAFI Fest 2018

Author : Humas | Monday, April 09, 2018 13:40 WIB
The series of Malang Film Festival (MAFI Fest) 2018 finally reached was peaked. After being held for four days (4-7 / 4) at UMM Theater Dome, the awards ceremony was held on Saturday (7/4) in Helipad UMM. Attended by students, the filmmakers, even the general public, the event was festive.
Warm welcoming was given by the Director of Malang Film Festival 2018, Fikri Hidayat, Representative of the Center for Film Development Kemendikbud RI, Robert and UMM Rector Fauzan.
UMM Rector, Fauzan, said that he welcomes and supports MAFI Fest to continue its success in the future, especially in presenting the works of children film nation from all over Indonesia.
"I hope Kine Klub UMM and MAFI Fest can be good. Go ahead and be a generation that can create great works from the nation's children, not only nationally but also internationally," said Fauzan.
This year, MAFI Fest 2018 was greeted by 1576 participants and spectators and followed by 416 works, starting from students' work to students both fiction and documentary. After going through various stages, the winners were announced namely Ali's film "Ali" by Ira Sanjaya as Short Documentary Category of Students, "Ojek Lusi" by Winner Wijaya as Short Documentary Category of Students; "Melawan Arus" by Eka Saputri as Short Fajud Category Pelajardan, and "15.7 km" by Rian Apriansyah as Short Fiction Category of Student
Lulu Ratna as one of the judges in this event said that this winners were the most successful films in the visual language to convey the message.
"I had chance watching all the movies coming in, and I was happy. We should know that the film has a visual language. These winners are the most able to speak visual language. Simply by moving gestures and shots, they are able to convey messages. The four films are the most successful," said Lulu, a festival observer.
The awards ceremony was closed with playing "Ojek Lusi" as one of the winners. Not only that, this year, Mafi Fest 2018 presented one of booming folk bands Malang, Wake Up Iris! The presence of this band perfected the festive night of Mafi Fest Award 2018.


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