Lutfiya Al-Qarani, From A Kindergarten Writer to A President of International Organization

Author : Humas | Thursday, May 28, 2015 18:27 WIB

ACHIEVEMENT & INSPIRATION : The life of Lutfiya Al-Qarani filled with piles of achievements and inspiration.

Since lecturing at International Relation Department of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (HI UMM) in 2013, Lutfiya Al-Qarani attained a lot of achievements. In this month, she attained two achievements: the winner of Mawapres Kopertis 7 on last May 12, and was selected as the president of ASEAN Youth Leaders' Association (AYLA) Indonesia on May 16.

            Lutfiya won the Mawapres after competing with the other student delegations from 45 Private Universities (PTS) of East Java. Moreover, the reason why she is considered as eligible to be the president of AYLA Indonesia is her active involvements in many projects of ASEAN youth development especially in the field of human rights enforcement.

            Before serving as the president, Lutfiya chaired as the Director of Press Freedom and Media Center of AYLA which was formed in 14 February 2014. Interestingly, she is one of the founders of AYLA along with the other 14 youth from different countries of ASEAN.

            Furthermore, because of her proactive initiation in developing the ASEAN youth, Lutfiya became the delegation of Indonesia in many international events. Some of them are the International Youth Leaders Summit 2014 held by University of De La Salle Manila, Philippine, International Youth Peace Festival 2014 by Global Youth Peace and Gandhi Foundation in India, and ASEAN University Youth Summit 2015 by Universiti Utara Malaysia.

NATIONALISM: Lutfiya  is posing in front of Taj Mahal, India. In her  facebook caption of this photo, she posted  "Sampai kapanpun Indonesia tetap di hati. Tanah airku Indonesiaku." (Indonesia stays forever in my heart. Indonesia is my motherland)


In addition, Lutfiya also visited ASEAN countries such as Singapore and Thailand for meeting with other AYLA members from ASEAN countries. “Since AYLA consists of youth from ASEAN countries, it is important for me to interface the other members not only via online,” she said.

            It always been Lutfiya’s expectation that AYLA will always developing as a place for ASEAN young leaders with great leadership and social awareness. “Nowadays, AYLA has been developing in six countries i.e. Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, Thailand, Cambodia, and Singapore. A lot of efforts will be attempted to stimulate the development of AYLA in ten ASEAN countries,” she informed.

            However, Lutfiya’s success was not achieved without reason. Since she was a child, her parents formed an environment where she can be productive and helpful for others. In her time in kindergarten, motivated by fondness for Soeharto, her mother once asked her to write him a letter.

            Furthermore, Lutfiya’s mother always has a never-achieved-dream to be a writer, in which she expects that Lutfiya can be one. “My mother used to have a dream becoming a writer, but all the restricted source of finance and facilities prevented her. That is why she really wants me to be a writer,” she said.

            The support is also shown by her mother’s habit of buying her books since she were able to read. Besides, in order to enhance her productivity of writing, her mother wrote her motivational words. One of the words she always recalls is “My child, life is hard. It could be easier if we know its purpose, who gave it, where we will aim it, and who we really are . . . Always keep it mind that life could be more meaningful if we serve others.”

            All the motivation led her to sharpen her writing skill. As the result, three books were published before she had enrolled the university. These books were the products of writing competition she participated in high school and were published in 2012.

            Uniquely, although she was a student of Madrasah Aliyah Negeri (MAN) 2 Mataram, her first book has connection with UMM. On May 2012, she had participated the Inspirational Writing Competition (LMI) held by the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) UMM. Her writing product was nominated as the best 50 out of 380 products to be published by UMM Press entitled ‘Jika Aku Menjadi Guru Inspiratif’.  

            Moreover, the other two books entitled ‘Chocolate, I love It’ (Metakata, 2012) and ‘Simfoni Balqis’ (Yemen Embassy, 2012). The last mentioned book is the product of International Writing Competition held by Yemen Embassy. This book has been translated into five languages.

            With her writing skills, Lutfiya had involved in many journalistic activities. In high school, she was a radio broadcaster at Ardan FM and a presenter of TV 9 Lombok. In her first semester in university, she was a reporter at Young Journalist and Reporter (YJAW) as part of international young journalists association formed by Pakistan. She was the only Indonesian of 20 young delegation reporters from all over the world.       

            According to Lutfiya, her parents play the biggest role in influencing her path of life. When the family was gathering, her parents were keen to stimulate her to discuss about national issues. “At home, I usually asked to discuss about Indonesia. Soap operas are not permitted for us to watch,” she said.

            She admitted that she was really grateful to UMM for creating conducive environment for her in learning and developing herself. “I am happy. I had no idea that I would study at UMM. In fact, I was submitted in a well-known state university in Jakarta, but, I chose UMM instead. So far, UMM is awesome. The lecturers are exciting and all the international issues are really updated”.

            For the other students, Lutfiya said that as long as you live, keep struggle, do meaningful things for others. “I have a motto; take action, miracle happens, no action, nothing miraculous. Do something, and then the miracle happens. If you do nothing, there is no miracle,” she ended enthusiastically. (han/t_far)




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