Physiotherapy Graduate is Succeed to Become A Professional Physiotherapists at Barito Putera PS

Author : Humas | Monday, October 29, 2018 13:56 WIB
Dian Erfianto Pambudi (Photo: Istimewa)

THE REALIZATION of ideals is everyone's hope. That's what Dian Erfianto Pambudi experienced. Graduated in 2017, Physiotherapy at University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) has become a professional physiotherapist in one of the top 1 football clubs in Indonesia. The club he handled is Barito Putera Football Association (PS). Erfianto has become a professional physiotherapist in a football club based on the city of Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan since early 2018.

Starting from his hobby in soccer, Erfianto aspires to be a professional physiotherapist in the world of sports. After completing his bachelor degree at UMM, the man born in Bondowoso 24 years ago was begun looking for opportunities to pursue his goals. The story was begun since PS Barito Putera is holding a training center (TC) in Batu City, East Java. Erfianto was offered to accompany PS Barito Putera as a physiotherapist during TC for two weeks.

Directly Erfianto took this offer. During their duties, the players and physiotherapists at Barito Putera were very pleased with their performance. Until one of the managers of Barito Putera asked Erfianto to enter the permanent physiotherapist team. This made him happy because his dream was achieved. Once constrained by the recruitment process due to management problems, Erfianto officially becomes a part of the physiotherapist of Barito Putera PS.

When he was interviewed via telephone on Sunday (10/28), the boy from Jarimin and Windiah Tanti Utari were then told about their busy schedule. "The activities can be said to be busy yet relaxing. If there are many injured players, we must be able to arrange treatment schedules (care, ed.) and help equipment parts to meet player needs as well, such as clothes to equipment that supports training. When the work is done, all can relax," he explained while a small laughing.

Erifianto admitted that studying at Faculty of Health Sciences (Fikes) UMM greatly supported his career as a professional physiotherapist. During his lectures at UMM Fikes, Erfianto said he had a favorite lecturer who inspired him. He is Dimas Sondang Irawan, SST.Ft., M.Fis. According to Erfianto, his favorite lecturer did not only teach theory in class. Dimas, told Erifianto, often taught many things outside the classroom. Also, it often inspires and motivates high dedication in the world of physiotherapy.

The opportunity to be professional physiotherapy according to Erfianto is still very wide opened especially in the world of sports. Only, people only know in football branch. In fact, other sports also have opportunities as large as being a professional physiotherapist. "Barito Putera is very impressive to me. It's really good here! Religion is strong. In addition, from management and coaches to  the all players are good and helpful," he said. (ard)

One of Erfianto's actions was to handle one of the injured players. (Photo: Special)


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