UMM LSP Became the Recipient Model of Vocational Retooling Grants Ristekdikti

Author : Humas | Monday, May 13, 2019 14:43 WIB
The monitoring and evaluation process. (Photo: Special)

For about 384 University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) Nursing Vocation, Electro and Banking students took a competency test of the Vocational Higher Education Retooling Program Directorate General of Institutions of Science and Technology and Higher Education – Ristekdikti at Campus II UMM (11-13 / 5). This competency test is a sign of the election of the UMM Professional Certification Institute (LSP) as a model for the recipient of vocational retooling grants.

In this period, there was six test scheme such as Hospital Spiritualism, Industrial Entrepreneurship, Representative Funding, Expert Accounting Technicians, Young Network Administrators, and Electronic System Designers. There were two teams from Ristekdikti. Those are monitoring and evaluation team and media team were mobilized to monitor and evaluate the competency test.From the preparation to implementation.

Interestingly, themedia team came exclusivelyto record the activities and will be used as a video profile for the Director General of Institutional Ristekdikti.Ristekdikti assessed that there was a unique scheme owned by UMM LSP.It was in the Hospital Spiritualism scheme. Dr. Ihyaul Ulum, S.E., M.Si., Ak, CA. as the Director of the UMM LSP said that from all of these tested schemes, the Hospital Spiritualism scheme was considered unique.

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It is due to the merging of aspects of health, psychology, andspiritualism.“Many people ignore the importance of spiritual services, even though health requirements are physical, mental and spiritual.As a university that develops knowledge based on Islamic values, so this scheme is important to be tested for Nursing D3 graduates,” Ulum said (13/5).

There were 87 students who joined the hospital spiritual scheme in this period. Participants will undergo two stages of testing, those werewritten test and demonstration test."We will test the knowledge of the students in providing services in spiritualism, by paying attention in nursing ethics," said Faqih Ruhyanudin, M.Kep., Sp.Kep.MB., Assessor of Hospital Spiritualism Schemes.

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In addition, participants will be given two cases in the demonstration test.The tested case was in the form of spiritual treatment in patients with blood cancer who were anxious for fear of dying.And to the young mother patient who experienced a spiritual crisis after losing their children at birth."In that case, we will see how they deal with the patient's spirituality," said Faqih.

In the test, the competency testtakerof the Hospital Spiritualismwill practicethetherapeutic communication, which isthe ability or skill of the nurse in interacting to help clients adapt to stress, overcome psychological disorders and learn how to relate or interact with others. Specifically doing a spiritual serviceto the patient. (joh)



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