Al-Faruq Organizes International Event

Author : Humas | Thursday, May 06, 2010 16:29 WIB
Ambassador from Palestine (center) when he is attending the event "Creating an Ideal World, Logic or Utopia"

         The existence of Semi-Autonomous Institutions (LSO) Al-Faruq FISIP of UMM in preaching the teachings of Islam has been continuously growing. Through the International event with the theme "Creating an Ideal World, Logic or Utopia", Al-Faruq repacked dakwah by organizing an international seminar attended no fewer than 300 students from various universities on Monday (04/05).

          "We deliberately wrapped up a spectacular event with seminars offered in the form of journalistic seminar, international seminars and training for public relations," explained Abdul Kholik as chairman of the committee. The expected from the event is to enable the students more productive in writing, able to interact with both while in the working world up to and to see how far the attention of Muslims and its support of Palestinian still depressed by the Western world today.

         The event was held at Auditorium of the BAU is also presenting Muhammad Ilham from Java One TV Producer Posts and Java as a journalism seminar presenters. Meanwhile, an international seminar diramaikan with the arrival of the Ambassador of Palestine, whereas for a public relations seminar filled by the Public Relations Public Relations East Java province and territory AXIS Java, Bali - Nursa.

         Prof. Rector first. Dr. Ir. Sujono, M. Kes, hoping that this event be a fresh wind to the development of the academic atmosphere at UMM. Intellectual attitude, leadership and academics should continue to be improved and built better. "Not sure I would like to thank all the brothers who helped build the university with this kind of event," said Sujono.

         While Bakorwil Malang, Drs. M. Si Djarkasi that fills Stadium General representing the Governor of East Java, said the students now have to understand a foreign language and IT in order not to miss the information from the world outside of Indonesia. Indonesia as part of the world community can not be separated from issues of ideology, but a diversity of ideological views can be packed into a unifying tool.

         "In 1926, Sukarno once wrote in the temperature of the Young Nationalism on nationalism, Marxism, and Islamism. It became the spirit of Islam movement in Indonesia, even in Southeast Asia, "said quoting a speech Guberrnur Djarkasi Soekarwo. However, after independence the government actually began is difficult to handle the differences - that there are ideological differences start of the rebellion in Madiun in 1948 until the PKI rebellion in 1965, causing trauma to the government. Finally, the government's repressive approach by requiring all existing organizations to adopt a principle of Pancasila. In practice, this would cause ambiguity that dragged Indonesia on Economic Liberalism. however, since the reform period of ideological differences had emerged again as the emergence of Islam, Nationalism, Socialism, Marhenisme, Christian, etc..

         Pancasila as the basis of the state are better suited as a framework called the value or the noble ideals of the Indonesian nation as a whole. Variety color of ideology in the homeland with a variety of demands that led up to the year 2009 before, it can be said that Islam become a means of de-ideological political party. Thus, Pancasila ideology can not be juxtaposed with the above mentioned earlier.

         "I agree with the idea of Pancasila as the social contract that framed and fully manage the quality of the Indonesian nation. As the social contract he stood above all the establishment of the Indonesian state ideology, Pancasila changed so that if necessary will also culminate in the dissolution of the Homeland. Pancasila became a kind of liaison in the plural and plural country because without the Pancasila as the state does not have value systems goalkeeper, democracy, and a moral arbiter, "said the governor. (rwp/t_alf)



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