LP3A UMM Realizes the importance of Progressive Kartini

Author : Humas | Tuesday, April 25, 2017 10:49 WIB

THE STRUGGLE of previous and nowadays women were clearly different. In the past, the struggle was aimed for getting study and education like men. Nowadays, education not a problem again. The current challenge was how women continue to struggle and renew their capabilities in the progressive era, modern-day, technological modernity, and adapt to the dynamics of life.

As stated by the Institute for Study and Empowerment of Women and Children (LP3A) head University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Dra. Thathit Manon Andini, M.Hum related to Kartini’s Day commemoration that falls on every April 21. As a reflection, LP3A at this moment performed an action of flowers and squared stickers giving that containing of  motivational words for women in order to keep moving and making progress.

"Its goal, both women and men to continue in remembering RA Kartini’s struggle to courage women working freely. It also provides motivation for women to work in more fields," Thathit said.

The giving of flowers and stickers was done at around of UMM campuse 2 and 3. As many as 200 flowers and stickers were shared to lecturers, staff, and students at various points of campus. Beside the giving of roses on April 21 as welcoming Kartini’s Day, LP3A also held "Training of Trainer (ToT)" training on Saturday to Monday (15-17 / 4). As many as 180 LP3A companions from various departments, both men and women had been briefed on HIV, AIDS, drugs, violence against women and children, and empowerment of women and children.

Thathit said that it was useful as an early briefing to be a parent. "Because parents are the main teacher, while home is the first school. Therefore, the preparation of men and women as future parents should be enough. it is emancipation era," Thathit said. (Naz)



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