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THE NATIONAL Narcotics Agency (BNN) Malang reveals important facts. In Malang, there are almost one thousand children confirmed as the victim of drugs abuse. This was informed in a workshop themed ““Perlindungan Anak Menuju Kota Malang sebagai Kota Layak Anak” held by The Study Agency of Women and Children Empowerment (LP3A) of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) cooperating with the Child Protection Agency (LPA) Malang, Thursday (9/7) at BAU Hall UMM.

“In detail, there are 25 elementary students, 364 Junior High School students, 150 Senior High School students, and 471 Vocational School students had consumed the illegal stuff,” informed the Head of Prevention Divison of BNN Malang, RM Achjadi, SH.

Achjadi explained that there are many factors causing the drugs abuse among children, such as children trafficking, exploitation, and troubled family.”As we know that, children are children. They tend to be easily influenced by friends and environment surrounding them. Living in bad environment plus troublesome family contribute in a big risk of drugs abuse,” he said.

He then urged that there is need of conducive and harmonic situation in a family to prevent children from drugs abuse. “The child personality formation in a family is really crucial to prevent the child from bad influence of surrounding environment,” he suggested.    

The event also held the dissemination of traffic by The Head of Unit (Kanit) of Education and Engineering (Dikyasa) Polresta Malang, Ipda Endiex Purwantoro, SH. To the 200 participants from Malang Child Forum, he informed that there are 8 accidents happened in a month averagely and most of the violations are done by 10-16 year old teenagers. “Usually, the traffic violation done by them are breaking through the traffic light, not wearing the helmet, and breaking through the road markings,” he said.

Since January to April 2015, Polresta Malang recorded that there are more than 8000 traffic violations and 71 accidents happened due to the violations. “Out of the 71 persons having the accident, 21 are dead and 3are heavily injured,” he informed.

He also advised the participants to obey the traffic signs and ethics in driving. “All the rules are set to our own good, not to be violated,” he added. (zul/han/t_far)



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