Vlog Competition, Journal Writing and Traditional Games Coloring Darmasiswa Gathering

Author : Humas | Tuesday, May 09, 2017 14:39 WIB


The exiciting of traditional competition followed by foreign students.

THE ACTIVITY of International Gathering which was attended by 540 foreign students at University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) for three days (8-11/5) was colored by a number of competitions, including writing competition of Indonesian language journal, video blog competition (vlog), and traditional game competition .

Dimas Arif Prassetyo, the committee of International Gathering, said that the competition was educative. It is useful to evaluate the results of Indonesian language, arts and culture education which were studied by foreign students in Darmasiswa program of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Republic of Indonesia (Kemdikbud RI). All participants had been studying Indonesian language, art and culture for one year. "Packed with a competition, we hope to be able to evaluate learning outcomes in more fun way," said Dimas.

Competition of Indonesian journal writing became the most prestigious competition and the biggest prize. Students of Darmasiswa program were obliged to write journal in Indonesian language with big theme "Darmasiswa Notes: Live and Life". They were asked to write about life experience for a year in Indonesia and the impression during learning the language, art and culture of Indonesia.

In addition, for students who were succeed to become champion would be given a prize, ticket for going back to their countries for free. The competition that was held by Kemdikbud would give a gift to learn about Indonesia deeper much longer. Even better, 21 winners who come out in the journal writing competition would be invited to explore the beauty of Indonesia in Raja Ampat and West Papua.

UMM, as the host of the closing ceremony Darmasiswa program, also initiated two other types of competitions, namely vlog competitions and traditional game including bakiak, whispering competition and rangku alu. "All of them have values we want to see after they study for one year in this Darmasiswa program," said Dimas who was also a staff of International Relations Office (IRO) UMM.

Three competitions were contested on the second day, Tuesday (9/5) at Heliped UMM. One example was in a whispering competition. The competition required students to recall the lessons learned in Bahasa Indonesia. "We want to see the cohesiveness of each university, and also we want to see how the Indonesian language learning results," he said.

More festive again, UMM held a vlog competition that followed by every university. Dimas explained, the vlogs were contested by three categories, culinary promotion vlog category in residence area during in Indonesia, Indonesian tourism promotion category and Indonesia promotion category in their origin country. Until now, there were 20 universities that already sent their vlogs. "All videos are one minute long, the videos uploaded on UMM's instagram account are @ummcampus." The rating was based on the number who liked the videos," he concluded. (Jal / han)



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