Culture Institution, Reciting Islam Civilization and Globalization

Author : Humas | Wednesday, April 22, 2015 14:08 WIB

Culture Institution (LK) raised theme “Building Islamic Civilization in Global Society”. This seminar invited two speakers: the lecturer of Tarbiyah UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Dr. Syamsul Hadi, M.Ag and the lecturer of sharia UMM Dr. Moh. Nurhakim, M.Ag.

Globalization, according to Nurhakim, gives massive effect in society. In one side, globalization can unite many social aspects yet in another side can also change social culture in society. For Indonesia, it brings significant changes especially in terms of technology development. However, it also brings negative effects such as dimension widening and rising conflict.

“The massive transnational movement and religion teachings in terms of religion radicalism and thought liberalism may raise a same conflict in different area,” said Nurhakim.

Besides, many problems in politic, culture, environment, and moral happened in society are due to globalization process caused by massive industrialism, information technology, biotechnology, global market, cultural pluralism, democratization, and individualism. Therefore, he added, it has to be balanced by creativity and innovation.

For an ideal global civilization, Nurhakim explained that cultural potency and Indonesia Islamic perspective could be used as alternative way, especially which we recognize Islam as rahmatan lil’aalamiin. It can be realized by showing that Islam is full of kindness, tolerance, dynamic, creative, and innovative, Islam which can develop working ethos, politic, economy, and science.   

  Meanwhile, Samsul provided confession facts of Islamic civilization from many experts such as: Fred McGraw Donner, who admitted that there were few phenomena throughout human history which could change the world wide as what has been shown by Islam spreading in early Hijrah.

           Islam, Syamsul added, influenced Jews perceptions: learning to be flexible and opened to new Muslim civilization. “Jews take benefits from Islam and could reach what they say as “Golden Age,” he said.

  In Indonesia, the progress of thought and Islam civilization has been seen by many figures, such as: Nurkholis Madjid and Munawir Sadzali. Meanwhile, according to Nurhakim, KH Ahmad Dahlan, Muhammadiyah founder, was indeed the former of intellectualism and pragmatism development in terms of religion teachings, education, and social.

Head of LK UMM, Dr. Tri Sulistyaningsih, M.Si, hoped this seminar could bring many advantages for society. “Through this seminar, we hope there will be further discussion in developing a better nation,” she ended. (ima/nas/t_stu)



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