LK Encourages Strengthening of Cultural-Based Character

Author : Humas | Friday, September 08, 2017 11:41 WIB
Some participants are practicing how to construct a puppet characters that were distributed by LK UMM.

EVERY two months, the Institute of Culture (LK) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) routinely conducts an interdisciplinary  discussion on various topics with cultural approach. The most intense topics is the strengthening of character education through training for elementary school (SD) teachers.

LK head Dr Daroe Iswatiningsih MSi said that various activities conducted by LK was part of  commitment to spread culture in various aspects, especially in the field of education. "It must be realized that education is a strategic entry point in embeding values ‚Äč‚Äčinto Indonesian people," Daroe said.

A LK activities that related to it was the Training of 100 teachers  for SD teachers in Malang Raya (24/8) "Training for teachers is held by LK is not just this time.  There are some LK multidisciplinaries discussions that always invited teachers. It was a media of sharing and enrichment for noble teachers, "Daroe said.

Came as speakers at the event Education Department of Malang City head Dra Zubaidah MM that delivered material " Character  Strengthening Education Policy", puppeteer and writer of wayang from ISI Yogjakarta Dr Junaidi M Hum bringing the material "Strengthening Character through Wayang Media", and a lecturer of Communication Studies UMM Dra Frida Kusumastuti MSi on "Mass Media as Learning Media".

On this occasion, Zubaidah gave an example of student character cultivation. For example, it was necessary to listen national songs before learning. In addition, at any given time the gym teacher can go to classes to encourage easy gymnastics students to stay awake. In the question and answer session, Zubaidah listened and recorded the aspirations of the participants, especially teachers from Malang.

While Junaidi look interested with special language of pedalang and brought samples of puppet characters. "Puppet can be used to strengthen character. Introducing elephants, for example, by making elephant puppet. We  also introduced the figures of wayang as the Javanese cultural heritage," Junaidi said.

On training session, Junaidi showed how to introduce family about descent. It was exemplified with Pandawa and Kurawa family. Even to introduce a wider puppet, Junaidi also developed an Indonesian puppet player. On the same occasion, Junaidi showcased his six books relating to wayang as a media of learning and character building, both for children and young.

Meanwhile, the last speaker Frida Kusumastuti said that mass media can not be separated from the world of children. Mass media can also be used as a learning tool, in the form of assignment, filler free time in school, and as teaching materials in the classroom.

Frida described  function of teachers as facilitators was very important if the mass media used, nowadays a lot of bad mass media content. Frida pointed out that Upin Ipin was a great example of media content because it teaches brave characters to express opinions, culture of confirmation, togetherness, mutual help, affection for  weak and young, and respect for old people. "Even the less healthy content with teacher explanations can be taken positive values," Frida said.

The training ended with practical training on puppet as a learning tool, and each participant got the puppet characters made of paper from LK UMM. (Naz)



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