Involving 20 Professional Referee, RS UMM Held a Malang Inter-Hospital Futsal Competition

Author : Humas | Monday, August 05, 2019 12:40 WIB


The audiences and the players enliven the Tournament (Photo: Rizki/PR UMM)

Celebrating the 6th birthday, University of Muhammadiyah Malang Hospital (RS UMM) held various activities, from the internal until external. One of the external activity is Malang Inter-Hospital Futsal Competition, Saturday-Sunday (3-4/8).

This activity directly opened by the Malang General Chairperson of All Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) Haris Thofly received an unexpected enthusiasm. The competition participated by dozens of units of health with 27 teams. Moreover, some of the units send more than one team.

This futsal competition itself uses a preliminary system, where the whole team will be divided into several small groups. One group consists of 3-4 teams to compete forthegroup winner and runner up as a condition to qualify for the next round.

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Not just that, this competition involved 20 professional referees from Malang PSSI. The competitions held in two days, where the first day was focused for elimination match and the second day focused for knock out match until the final match.

According to the Head of the committee Dr. Viva Maiga Mahliafa Noor, MMRS. said, in addition to the futsal competition, there were still many other events. “We hold other activities such as mass pilling, health units hand washing competitions, until beauty seminars,” she said.

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This was also a gathering agenda. Because as a unit of health, said Viva, not to compete but to help each other in serving the community. Furthermore, this competition has a certificate, trophy and also millions rupiah prize.

Rifky Harli Putra Pratama one of the player of RS UMM said that he is happy with the competition. “Hopefully next year, this competition can be held with a larger scope. Inter-East Java for example,” he said as the captain of RS UMM futsal team. (joh)



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