Stimulating Malang University Students: KBA UMM Presents Short Course of Seven Foreign Languages

Author : Humas | Monday, June 01, 2015 15:52 WIB
HI UMM student Johanes Hagabal from Papua along with his friends performing Japanese culture.

In welcoming the ASEAN Economic Community (MEA) at the end of the year, English skill seems to be one of the most important assets a student should possess. Developing foreign languages has been considered important in the development of economy and business.

Responding to the issue, the Foreign Language Courses unit (KBA) of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) put a serious effort in developing the foreign languages through short course which accommodates stimulation and recognition of seven languages, i.e. Arabic, German, English, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, and France.

“This event is materialized due to our intention to introduce foreign languages in order to face the globalization ere, especially the upcoming MEA,” said the Head of KBA UMM, Dr. Tri Hartiningsih, MM, while welcoming 250 participants on Friday (29/5) at UMM. Campus I.

 “The other countries have realized that to survive in this era, they need to put a deep concern in the development of foreign languages. Meanwhile, I do not see any form of concern here in Indonesia,” said the Assistant Rector of Cooperation Affair, Soeparto, in his greeting.

To make it more interesting, the event presented cultural performance from several countries in form of dramas and dances by the students of International Relationship Department (HI) UMM. Johanes Hagabal, one of the students from Papua, also participated with his group. The group performed a drama adapted from a Japanese anime, Chibi Maruko Chan. According to him, the event is really good as a media to practice foreign language and to increase self confidence.

“Nowadays, the most desirable foreign language courses are German and Korean. The winning of Germany in the World Cup 2014 and the emergence of K-Pop culture seem to be the cause,” said Tri.

She also added that it is the time to take on board that foreign language is not a threat to Indonesian local and national languages. Foreign language skill is a must. It enhances the learning process and also improves self confidence. She also stated that the skill also enlarges the chance to engage in the workplace. (ino/han/t_far)


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