UMM Gazebo Forum: Through Poem, Zawami Imron Reads Europe

Author : Humas | Wednesday, October 26, 2016 16:57 WIB
Zawawi Imron read out one of his poems from book titled "Refrain di Sudut Dam". Photo: Rino Anugrawan

UNIVERSITY of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) Gazebo Forum held again monthly multidiscipline study, Wednesday (26/10). It’s not less interesting compared to the previous agenda. UMM Gazebo Forum invited the well-known Indonesian poet. D. Zawawi Imron who panelled with the head of Islamic Studies and Philosophy Center, Pradana Boy ZTF and the expert of culture anthropology, Arif Budi Wurianto.

This public discussion take on reviewing the one of D. Zawami Imron’s work titled ‘Refrain di Sudut Dam’ published by UMM Press. It content of 99 poems  written by Zawawi when he invited reading poems on Winternachhtem festival. The spring International Festival of literature and art in Den Haag, Netherland.

Zawawi started the discussion through reading several of his famous poems. It was ‘ibu’. Even not young anymore, the man who was born in Batang-Batang Laok, District of Sumenep, East Java still firm and vigorous. His performance attracted the applouses of participants that include of students, academics and domestic writer.

According to him, a poem will be beautiful if comes from heart sincerely. It then called ‘rasa sastra’ (the sense of literature). Like a smiling, the poems must be departured from the purity of its heart’s writer

“The poems that from clean heart, Insya Allah (God Willing) will be enjoyed by other people. It was different to poem aimed to seek the material benefit or to support one of community or to humiliate group of people.  Then the content of poems will pollute the value of poems itself” the man who achieved several of awards both domestic and foreign said.

A pakistani poet who lived  with KH. Agus Salim in 1870 era, mentioned by Zawawi in his poem which titled ‘Apa katanya’ (what he said). “From where the flute melody heard, from the heart shake of its blower. Not from the pieces of bambo’.

By quoting one of the poem which become his research, Zawawi poet out, “Speak with the clear heart, the kindness will cover your heart.

The head of PSIF, Pradana Boy ZTF who asked by UMM Press to give preface in the book which published by UMM press. Accidentally, in the last May of 2016, Pradana has chance to visit Amsterdam and to end the request where those poems was written.

Pradana has other perspective in reading the black covered book. As an expert of sociology of religion Pradana not to put his position as criticus of literature. For him, the approach  that must be done to understand that book through sociology of knowledge approach.

“Sociology of knowledge talking about what must be exist within writing, and what to be aimed to the publics, because the poem not using the straight language so must be interpreted’ He explained.

Meanwhile, Arif Budi wurianto entitled the Zawawi Imron’s poems ‘D Zawawi Imron goes to the west’. “When he spoken out about Europe, Zawawi Imron never ever intrigued to the beautiful and intension of netherland. Zawawi Imron a man who truly post-colonial and truly an anti-orientalist. It can be seen through his interaction with western people that written in several poems within this book.” Arif reviewed.

In the advanced review, according to Arif,  Zawawi truly to rebel to the state that had been colonized around 350 years. “Nevertheless, the Zawami Imron’s angry can be written softly and beautifully within his own poems. He explained (can/han)



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