Through the Tri-Cities Program, Singapore Business Students Learn Business at UMM

Author : Humas | Tuesday, September 27, 2016 12:41 WIB

The picture of students of Singapore Polytechnic (SP)Business School, 8 students of UMM, and the representatives of the two campuses. Photo by:Rino/PR

22 students of Singapore Polytechnic (SP) Business School joined short program about business development. This program was a follow-up of agreement between Muhammadiyah University (UMM) and SP Business School. Starting from September 24 to October 15, those students did a project from two multinatinal companies, which were Johnson and Johnson and Panasonic. They were accompanied by 8 students of UMM.

This program was different with Learning Express (Lex) program which was open opportunities for students of SP and UMM to learn and explore the lives of society, this Tri-Cities program which had been held twice in UMM more focuced on the students’ activity to develop their knowledge in business.

For the next three weeks, the students not only had to finish the project, but also joined four seminars about marketting, cultural and regulatory issues, aeconomic, and supply chain management. Besides, they also did company visit to several pharmaceutical companies and electronic companies in Malang and around East Java.

 Veri Kurnia Aditama, a staff of IRO UMM, stated "They will be working on business projects such as survey product to pharmacies and people’s houses, and join UMM lecturer seminars about business materials, including marketting, product development, and other materials about business.”

Meanwhile, Senior lecturer of SP Business School, Tan Li Chong when accompanied his students, stated that, she liked the academic atmosphere in UMM.”I hope this second program can be successful as before”. Said the man who visited UMM for the first time. (Can/han)



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