Through Outbound, UMM Smart Car Makes These 2 School Intimate

Author : Humas | Wednesday, July 31, 2019 10:18 WIB
The students learning cohesiveness trough Mine Ball game. (Photo: Chandra/PR UMM)

University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) Smart Car, Tuesday (30/7), goes to Kademangan Village. This village located in Pagelaran sub-district, Malang Regency, East Java Province. This inclusive literacy concepted car, not only opened reading stall but also opened psychological test and outbound for the Dharmawanita 10 junior high school students and MTS NU GP Kademangan.

Altoutgh the schools located in a neighboring hamlet, they rarely do activities together. The presence of UMM Smart Car through outbound and psychological test makes both school students solid in teamwork. Some games namely Mine Ball, Langkah Door, and Janggut Manis succeeded in encouraging cohesiveness and togetherness between the two schools. This outdoor activity was guided by Lutfi Nurul Rosyidah.

Azwa Hilwa Naqiya, UMM Psychology student who guided the course of the psychological test said, from the results of the assessment (psychological test) with sixty students, students averagely had problems in career and education. According tothe 2015 period students, this is due to the access to the village that is suburban. Some of these students have not yet determined where and how will they be in the future.

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From theresults of this assessment, said Azwa,she is ready if she asked to do counseling for the two schools. Meanwhile, the results report will be sent to the counseling section (BK) of each school hoping that there will be followed upfrom the school. “Although this assessment result is simple, it can be used for students understanding and problem solving,” she said.

A student is busy reading a comic book from Thursday Reading Car. (Photo: Chandra/PR UMM) 

Rian Aji, as the Education Sector coordinator of KKN UMM 35, stated that Smart Cars in his service area aimed to encourage students interest in reading. Because the children's access to books is very minimal. Even if there are libraries in schools, most of them are filled with textual learning books as well as obsolete history books that do not attract students to read, especially to go to the library.

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Assaid by Ikhsan Nawawi, the 11th grade student at MTs Nahdlatul Ulama’ GP Kademangan. The presence of Smart Cars in their schools answered their search for new books and entertainment nuances. Like novels and colored encyclopedias. “Idon’t want to go to the library because the books there are just textbooks. Not as complete as the one in this Smart Car,” Ikhsan said.

Not end there, this car, also known as the Thursday Reading Car (KaCa), will be on an expedition to special places and locations. Those were prisons (LP), disaster risk areas, marginalized regions, and areas with limited literacy and limited education access. "This is our service for the nation through literacy," said Ridho, the coordinator of the KaCa Car. (joh)



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