Completing the Digital Generation Self Profile, EMTEK Graduate Mentorship Attend at UMM

Author : Humas | Tuesday, September 25, 2018 16:32 WIB

Coming back, Emtek Goes To Campus (EGTC) 2018 visited Malang City, at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) on September 25-27 2018.

Presenting various kinds of agendas, the EGTC which took place on this white campus seized a lot of attention from various circles. Not only students, some people who have worked in the digital field also attended this event.

One of them is Putri Mardika, one member ofthe pioneeringdigital-based which engaged in agriculture claims she was enthusiastic to attend. She admitted that the activities of this acknowledgment is very interesting, especially for those who newlyto learn digitall in the business world.

"When I know it will be heldat UMM, I rush to register. Also the agenda look very interesting for me who just learn digital business," she explained.

Carrying the theme of Shaping the Future, EGTC together with UMM not only serves theagenda, but also provide opportunity for UMM students who would open their businesses in the Campus Market which will take place Wednesday-Thursday (26-27 / 9) in the Dome of UMM.

In line with the theme of the event, on the first day of Graduate Mentorship Program session,EGCT presentthe Vice President of EMTEK Human Resources (HR) Group Pieter Andrian. Pieter, who started his career at PT Astra International, shared his ways to be able to face the competition in the world of work that is no longer only with humans but digital machines.

"Humans have the four intelligences needed to compete with artificial intelligence (AI)," he said.

He continued, the four intelligences are emotions, imagination and creativity, ethics or spiritual, and intuition. Pieter also described each one of intelligence while giving games to the participants to understand the materialbetter. He also emphasized, the importance of emotional emotion for us.

"People who have self conscious will be responsible for the decisions they have taken. This is the name of intelligence emotions, "he added.

It does not stop with the excitement to prepare themselves as human resources in the digital era, EGTC which collaborates with UMM also presents Muhammad Fikri as theHead of Bukalapak Community Management.Fikri explained about wealth and convenience of the Z generation in accessing the internet to obtain information.For him there is no reason anymore for the next-generation digital native is to miss information.

"Every morning, thefirst thingwe do is to open a smartphone. What’s aim ? To obtain information," said the alumni of the Communication Sciences of Gadjah Mada University.

Fikri also build confidence to the participants that digital technology will continue to advance. In line with this, the decision to be able to adapt in the hands of each individual as a digital human. If you want to go ahead, then you have to figure out.

"There area lot of information that we can access to obtain information for ourfuturebusiness, for example,we can learnthe way to be succes in becoming a champion," explained Fikri.
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