Cultural Institution UMM Bring Batik Trough Millenial Market

Author : Humas | Friday, October 25, 2019 09:09 WIB
Local Batik reached Millenial market (Photo: Special)

Cultural Institution University of Muhammadiyah Malang (LK UMM), Friday (25/10), held a Batik Marketing Workshop for batik perpetrators in East Java. This workshop was followed by 62 participants from the artist, entrepreneurs, and startups from Malang and surrounding areas.

With the theme “Local Batik Trough Millenial Market” LK UMM invited experts in the development of batik marketing. Eggy Andalas as the workshop person in charge said that the enthusiasm of batik perpetrators is high after the holding of workshop socialization by LK UMM.

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"At first we limit the quota for 50 people. Due to high demand, we added some chairs. They came from Malang City, Kepanjen, Batu, and some came from outside the city, for example from Jombang." Eggy explained at the Auditorium of the UMM General Administration Bureau.

According to Eggy, the material designed by LK UMM was one of the participants' attractions. For example, there is a Batik Product Photography material that will be delivered by a professional photographer, Afifah Rachmawati, a student of Communication Studies at UMM, who is the founder of Vhee Design, known as a photographer specializing in products.

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Not just Fifi with photography material, Workshop participants will be introduced more deeply with the Batik Online Business material by Didiet Trismawan, Digital practitioner and Digital Gapura facilitator. Partnering with LK UMM, Soendari Batik and Art shared their experiences through the material of Managing Batik Business in millennial era.

Completing the workshop that will be held for a full day, LK UMM also invited representatives of Bank Jatim to disseminate the commitment of Bank Jatim on the trade and creative industries for workshop participants. This event also presents all the elements to mainstream batik as a fashion. (joh)



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