Cultural Institution UMM Will Build Up Educational Museum

Author : Humas | Friday, December 13, 2019 12:32 WIB
Kartika Affandi while explaining in Cultural Workshop. (Photo: Rizki/PR UMM)

University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) through the Cultural Institution (LK) will soon establish the Educational Museum. This was revealed by the Head of LK UMM Dr. Daroe Iswatiningsih, M.Si. in the Cultural Workshop, Thursday (12/12). The pioneering development of the Educational Museum received a positive response from one of Indonesia's famous painters, Kartika Affandi who also attended the Workshop.

The UMM Education Museum Pioneer currently has more than 500 items from various objects such as pottery, sculpture, paintings, masks, and others which was a grant from one of the lecturers. Later the concept presented at this museum is divided into three namely display of cultural objects accompanied by catalog printing, visual and audiovisual. Second, studies and finally the appearance of art and culture.

The museum will later provide a place for students, lecturers, and employees to express art and culture. Daroe further explained that some of the activities that will be held at the museum of education including education by providing training to students, lecturers and employees, for example, batik training in terms of cognitive, knowledge or skills.

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Not only as an educational center, but UMM Education Museum will also be an art and culture gallery. "One of the missions that this museum wants to showis to bring Muhammadiyah closer to arts and culture. Because all this time Muhammadiyah is considered to be away from art and culture even though both of them are instruments of cultural propaganda for all nations," Daroe said.

The museum will also conduct training for teachers on the authorship of the development of learning media and matters relating to education. There are also performances from students with their artistic and cultural potential. "We have a motto from Muhammadiyah for the Nation, so we want to open the horizons and direct the spirit of our nationalism based on the arts and culture of the archipelago," she said.

On that occasion, Kartika Affandi competing with Sadikin and Azzam. In addition to displaying his paintings, Kartika also offers cooperation in several ways. One of them is with painting activities involving Kartika Affandi and other painters. Then the paintings are auctioned which will later be donated to orphans in Malang and Yogyakarta.

Kartika Affandi said while painting, in creating a work dominated by personal experience and based on reality. Throughout his career, this 85-year-old woman never draws on imagination. "Everything is based on experience and reality, painting cannot be done once or twice but rather must be continuous," Kartika said. (joh)



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