Eternally Win AKU, It's Time to Take Part in International Level

Author : Humas | Wednesday, November 28, 2018 15:02 WIB

UMM Rector, Dr.Fauzen, M.d. (left) is receiving AKU trophy from chairman of LLDIKTI of VII East Java Region, Dr.Ir.Soeprapto, DEA. (kanan). (Photo by: Rino/PR)

UNIVERSITY of Muhammadiyah Malang achieved more and more achievements. Recently, UMM achieved Anugerah Kampus Unggulan (AKU) from Higher Education Service Institution (LLDIKTI) of VII East Java Region. The appreciation was directly received by UMM Rector, Dr. Fauzan, M.Pd. when he was attending Leadership Working Meeting (Rakerpim) of universities in Batu, Wednesday (28/11).


This year is the eleventh time until LLDIKTI did transition which preciously named Coordination of Private Universities (Kopertis) of VII East Java Region. Every year, UMM place the first position and eliminate other univesities under LLDIKTI VII East Java Region. This achievement also becomes the people’s trust to white campus which always keeps its consistency on quality of institution.


The chairman of LDIKTI of VII East Java Region, Dr.Ir. Soeprapto, DEA said, re-gained the achievement is accordance with UMM commitment to keep improving its quality of institution. “UMM which parennially becomes the winner should not be in East Java level anymore. Indeed, UMM is already in international level. So I support UMM to always take part in international level,” said Soeprapto.


It is proven, UMM recently achieved ASEAN Energy Award 2018 with the category of ASEAN Best Practices Competition for Energy Efficient Buildings. UMM was achieved Runner-up sub category of Tropical Buildng for Rusunawa. Moreover, Tyrnder, one of UMM student’s work which competed in the world level. Following up the previous achievement, the UMM student had won international robot contest in Trinity College Fire FightingHome Robot Contest (TCFFHRC) in USA.


Even, continued Soeprapto, the score was obtained by UMM, with total 782.43 points, went beyond another universities which also achieved AKU. Next to it, University of Surabaya with 670.98 points, University of Kristen Petra with 646.86 points, University of Katholik Widyamandala with 559.88 points, and University of Islamic Malang with 559.90 points.


Vice rector I, Prof.Dr.Syamsul Arifin, M.Si who attended the event said, this achievement should be implemented by saying grateful to Allah SWT. Syamsul said thanks to UMM academicians who’s keep working so that achieving this achievemet. “With this achievement, we can achieve some of the aspects used as a benchmark for assessment by LLDIKTI, even exceeding other PTS achievements," said Syamsul.


Syamsul explained, this award at least was assessed from a number of aspects. These aspects include institutional governance and cooperation, educators and education, research and community service, and student learning. "In the future, what UMM has achieved should be able to encourage us to continue to achieve. "This LLDIKTI is in the province, but we will continue to improve achievements at the national, ASEAN and international levels," he explained.


Therefore, according to Syamsul, he has prepared strategic steps in the field of aspects of evaluation to improve quality. The strategic steps include strengthening Human Resources. Both the lecturer qualification education level. Maximum doctorate, up to the level of Professor. "Another step is that we continue to spur institutional quality, in this case institutional accreditation. Alhamdulillah, UMM maintains the score, A," he explained.


Still in the aspect of institutional quality, continued Syamsul, several UMM study programs have received accreditation A. Also speed up the process of study programs that are still behind. Besides, he will also develop study programs that are recognized by international accreditation institutions. UMM, said Syamsul, has 3 Asean University Network-Quality Assurance (AUN QA) recognized courses, namely Management Study Program, Biology Education and Animal Husbandry.


The performance of research and publications is in the spotlight especially publications in reputed international journals. Syamsul said he had a special development scheme so that lecturers could publish their articles in reputable international journals. "No less important, for Syamsul, student achievement is also a benchmark that should not be left behind. "Of those (strategies), we have the modalities to continue to develop," he said. (ard)



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