Always Wins the National Championship, They Make a Vow to Set Aside Half of Their Prize for Alms

Author : Humas | Monday, July 01, 2019 15:02 WIB
National students debate competition prize handover. (Photo: Special)

There are many reasons behind everyone's success. As the story experienced by the debate team University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), which claimed many won on the battlefield caused by the ‘X Factor’. Not even half of 2019, the debate team as a result of a collaboration between UMM Faculty of Economics and Business and Law Faculty students successfully recorded their best scores in four national level debate events.

Most recently, the team composedof Wildan Arif (2016 Law Department Student), Ana Fauzia (2018Law Department Student), and Muhammad Fitrah Ashary Bangun (2017Management Department Student) won the Debate Competition for University (ECOFU) Darma Cendika Catholic University,Surabaya, 29 June 2019.They successfullyoccupy the runner-up position, setting aside many other competitors.

 “Every time we register for a competition, we make avow, fifty percent of our prizes will begiven tothepoor people,”said Wildan Arif as the group leader of thisUMMI Team.They did this initiative to helpandshare happiness.For them, the difficulties resulting in a winning need to be shared with the unfortunate people.This practice wasalso a means of preaching.

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In addition to fulfilling theirvows, the dominant factor and alsothe key to the success of this coffee shop bornteam is worship and parents prayer. “Even though we read and practice a lot, if we don't implement both of the ritual, in the competition we will feel something is lacking ornot optimal,”Fitrah said when she was interviewed on Monday (1/7) afternoon.

There are also unique stories about naming this group.They named the group, which was more complete with the presence ofthejunior Ana Fauzia, as UMMI Team.“One time the three of us called each of our mothers.Unexpectedly, we call our mother Ummi.That’s how thename of this team was created,” said Fitrah.UMMI was then synchronized from the origin of the phrase “UMM Indonesia”.

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They confessthat there is no proper preparation, the combinationof Law and Economic disciplines that have been tested in many national events makes them confident. Moreover, the theme set by the committee was titled, “Infrastructure-Oriented Indonesian Economy”became a special theme of the Economy which they already won in the four previous competitions. “In the morning before the race, we were overslept,”theysaid.

The UMMI Team successfully won with a thin score under the Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB).IPB obtained 1222 points, while UMM had 1212 points.The third rank was won by STIE Perbanas with 1194 points, followed by the fourth place with 1190 points IAIN Salatiga Yogyakarta.In the future, they plan to try out the English-language debate in national level competition in the near future. (joh)



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