UMM Launched My UMMforParents Application to Keep Communication with Parents Easily

Author : Humas | Wednesday, May 30, 2018 16:21 WIB
Menu of My UMMforParents Application

Digital application is used by various agencies and instances especially education in order to make work easily. University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) launched a new application for parents. Previously, UMM has launched PMB UMM and UMM Booklet application for new student registration through achievement I and II. Rahmad Wijaya, the Head of Academic Bureau UMM said, “This application is created to keep communication between students’ parents and the campus”.

My UMMforParents is an application that provides information needed by students’ parents. There are nine information related to the students’ activities from the first semester to the last semester, including information about lecturers, finance, study plan card (KRS), class schedules, attendance list, the result of study card, transcript, community service, and final projects.

This application makes parents easily access it and know more about their children’s activities in campus because there is a contact of guardian lecturer. A guardian lecturer usually gives information about the study of students at the beginning and at the end of semester.

Moreover, My UMMforParents also provides Finance menu. They can monitor the finance status of their children in the beginning until the end of the semester. This menu makes parents easily check it during the study. Then, KRS menu provides information about courses that students take for a semester.  Next, after programming courses for a semester, a student will get class schedule that can be accessed by parents through this application. Besides, parents can also monitor the attendance of their children to the class through Attendance menu.

Previously, UMM sent result of study card of students to their address at the end of semester. Now, parents can see the result of study of their children by accessing My UMMforParents application. This application provides scores on Transcript menu.

As a community service-based campus, the students of UMM must take community service in seventh semester. Parents can access the information about the place where their students will do the community service. After that, the students must finish thesis as the final projects. This application helps parents to monitor the progress of that. (lus)



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