Again, the Guided Patrons of Malang Women's Prison were Enthusiastically Visited by the UMM KaCa Car

Author : Humas | Friday, July 19, 2019 10:19 WIB


The WBP exhibited the results of their batik. (Photo: Mirza / PR)

Thursday (18/7) morning, the KaCa Car (KaCa) of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) visited the Class IIA Women's Prison, Sukun, Malang City by holding batik training and writing a Blog. There were 90 prisoners (WBP) who participated in these two pieces of training. Sixty WBP people attended the batik class and twenty people attended the Blog writing class.

In the Blog class, WBP was given the training to utilize the extensive knowledge of reading results to be written in a writing. This training was aimed at utilizing the digital era for WBP after completing their sentence. "We teach you how to compare yourself through Blogs and use them as a business media," explained Mirza Bareza Blogger, Blog training speaker.

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Besides blog classes, there were also batik classes. The participant asked to make batik with a pattern that was already on the fabric surface. “It is difficult,” said one of WBP while being careful making batik. This batik activity was also instructed by Belinda Dewi Regina, S.Pd, M.Pd. from the UMM Cultural Institute (LK). The results of this work also became a memory of the presence of UMM KaCa Car in the women's prison.

Belinda revealed that this training was a strategic activity. That meant that this training can be the provision of the WBP later to develop batik entrepreneurship while opening new jobs. "Batik is practising patiently while enjoying the process," she said. She also hoped that in the future the participants can really apply their skills, one of them was by making batik.

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The second visit this time was also welcomed by the WBP. When the KaCa car entered the Lapas sports field, the WBP had gathered and prepared to follow every agenda carried by the KaCa Car. Not only that, but WBPs were also allowed to borrow books to read in a few days. "As long as the book is good," said one WBP while taking and choosing a book.

One of the Lapas officers admitted that some WBPs could spend one 300-page novel in two days. "All books have been read in the library," explained one of the prison officers. One of them was Dini Dwi. This woman from Bangil was so very happy to read novels. In addition, Dini consistently also slowly composed her own novel which she wrote by hand. (Win)



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