Once More, UMM Establishes A New PLTMH

Author : Humas | Tuesday, January 27, 2015 14:40 WIB
Monitoring: Head of Public Relation UMM, Nasrullah (two from right) as explaining about PLTMH development to Director of Jawa Pos Radar Malang, Kurniawan Muhammad (three from right). He is so impressed with UMM developing technology. (21/1)

Micro-hydro Power Plant (PLTMH) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) received once more public appreciation. This time, media are attracted to particularly report and persuade UMM to cooperate with. Last week, the director of Daily News Jawa Pos Radar Malang, Kurniawan Muhammad, along with his editorial clerks visited the PLTMH located not far from UMM Dome. Accompanied by UMM PLTMH developers, Kurniawan expressed his amazement toward this innovation.  

According to Kurniawan, as private university UMM had done many concrete leading inventions in solving electricity limitation. “It is indeed amazing. Not only does it save electricity cost, it can also be used as laboratory and public inspiration to develop alternative energy,” said him.

Vice Rector II, Fauzan accompanying this team, explained that this PLTMH UMM had been working since 2007 and could save the electricity cost up to 25%. Currently, university strives to finish PLTMH II built near the first one. “InsyaAllah, within month ahead, it (PLTMH II) will be officially inaugurated,” said him.

Technically, PLTMH II has bit differences. Penstock (water pipe) is vertically packed since the water discharge used is smaller compared to the first PLTMH. Turbine used is also different, smaller than before. In PLTMH I, the current has 45 degrees slope along with the bigger turbine used. The electrical energy produced by PLTMH II predictably reaches 60-80 KWh, smaller than PLTMH I which reaches up to 100 KWh.

Adding, he also stated that PLTMH UMM is the only power plant used in all universities throughout the world. Being located inside the university, this power plant attracts so many visitors. They commonly strive to learn in further about this PLTMH. “It’s just additional benefit apart from saving electricity cost. It can be used as academic study tour as well as student’s practicum,” he added.

Team leader of Renewable Energy Development UMM, Suwignyo, explained that UMM was currently developing PLTMH inside university. His team has received an offer to establish and develop many PLTMHs in several districts. One of them was realized in PLTMH Sumbermaron in sub-district. Pagelaran – Malang. In this place, UMM has successfully established a PLTMH which is capable to supply electricity for water pumps distributed to more than 1.600 families. It also attracted Daily News Radar Malang to cooperate with UMM in developing potency of PLTMH in other districts.

In his observation in Sanankerto Village, Sub-district. Turen along with Radar Malang Team, Suwignyo believed that water resource in the village was indeed very potential. UMM with experts team was all ready to establish PLTMH in there. “Regarding the great potency of water discharge, it will yield a great electricity: 15-20 KWh,” said him, one of faculties in Civil Engineering Department of UMM.

In other side, Radar Team has been ready to publish this project in order to gain public support. “This place has great potency to be tourism place,” said Kurniawan who intentionally chose Sanankerto as collaborative project for UMM, Radar Malang, Malang District Government, and Public. (nas/t_stu)



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