Again, UMM FM Won a National Broadcasting Contest

Author : Humas | Wednesday, August 09, 2017 07:32 WIB
Aan Marendah (left) and Nata Rinaldi (two from left). (Photo by Istimewa)
After successfully winning the broadcast competition in Apwhoril, nw UMM FM won the first champion at the Broadcasting Festival held by UKM Radio Semarang State University in mid-July as well.
They were Aan Marendah and Nata Rinaldi, two Communication Studies students 2015 who managed to beat 40 pairs of participants all over Indonesia. Aan said that the compactness and having broad insight to the song that made them being superiority to reach the champion. "The compactness, the calmness while broadcast, the broad insight about songs and materials, and humor that is not too much are our advantage," said Aan.
To be compared to similar competitions before, this challenge was heavier. Because, the ability of the opponent was really good. Moreover, the participants are not only from among the students, but also private radio broadcasters. "Our toughest challenge is UGM campus radio broadcasters, because in terms of vocals and time is very right," added Aan.
The broadcast competition consisted of three rounds. First and second preliminary rounds, they were asked to bring the program for three minutes, including opening, content, and closing. While the semi-finals, they brought themed travel programs and tips to heal a broken heart for four minutes.
Not only the broadcasting competition, the event entitled "You are the Future of an Extraordinary Entertainer" also held a workshops and public speaking seminars to invite professional practitioners, including TVRI presenter Semarang and radio announcers in Semarang. (ard)


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