Again, UMM and Singapore Students Collaborate to Create New Technology

Author : Humas | Tuesday, September 12, 2017 07:50 WIB
RESPONSE: Learning Express (LEx) participants are accepted by Batu residents. Over the next two weeks, UMM-SP student collaboration will be implemented. (Photo by: Sigit Wahyudi)

Starting from Tuesday (12/9) to two weeks ahead, as many as 34 students of Muhammadiyah University of Malang (UMM) and 31 Singapore Polytechnic (SP) students will perform community service activities in Kota Batu, East Java, through a program scheme called Learning Express (LEx ). The program funded by Tamasek Foundation is managed directly by the International Relations Office (IRO) of UMM.

Currently, according to UMM LEx coordinator, Karina Sari, the program has entered its seventh year. LEx is held twice a year, ie every March and September, in which each batch carries a different project. In this batch, three LEx focus to banana village, fried onion production, and traditional herbal medicine production. The 65 student collaboration is tasked with creating new technologies in the three projects.

"In terms of what technologies they will create, It will be based on the analysis of the problems they find in the field. From the analysis will be made a solution to solve the problem," said Karina.

Before creating new technology, a number of LEx UMM participants have attended design thinking training in Singapore. Furthermore, the three projects that will take place in the next two weeks will become the medium of application design training for UMM students in Singapore. The output, said Karina, in cooperation with UMM Engineering Laboratory students will create tools to facilitate the community in doing their work.

"The goal, both UMM and SP will be aware of the problems that exist in the community. Because as a student, it is difficult to return to society. LEx is presenting as a learning medium, so when graduated, ready to solve problems in society," said Karina.

Karina pointed out the previous LEx project, UMM-SP's student collaboration resulted in a prototype dryer or drying machine. Dryer is very useful to accelerate the process of miniature truck production in the village of Temas, Batu. "So the focus of this program is actually to produce a useful tool for the community, want to do social inovation quick program and appropriate usefulness," said Karina.

One of UMM LEx participants, Miarti Amanah Riesky, admitted interested in registering LEx because she wanted to be a more open student with outside world, both local and foreign community. "Want to learn to understand other people's thinking and problem solving because this program teaches us to think fast in solving problems," hope of International student of UMM.

Not only that, as a bonus of this participation, LEx participants will also get internationally recognized certificates. Later, this certificate will be useful in many ways. "For example, in registering a scholarship, this certificate will take effect," said Karina. (ard)



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