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Author : Humas | Monday, May 17, 2010 09:16 WIB


English Fiesta is also enliven with dance  UKM (Student Activity Unit) Seni Tari (Dance).

          As in the previous years, to celebrate his birthday, SME International Language Forum (ILF) held "Home Fiesta". The event was attended by 43 teams from 27 universities of Java from Friday-Monday, (5/7-10), in the BAU Hall of UMM. This time, ILF brought the theme “99.9% Effort of 9 Years Self Empowerment”.

           Chief Executive, M. Zainal Abidin said, the purpose of this event beside to celebrate birthday of ILF on May 2, also to accommodate those who had English debate talent to explore their skills.

           In this debate, according to Zainal, the regulation was that every university which delegated the debater had delegated one jury as well. Qualification assessments were based on the accuracy of the method, manner related to the politeness of the debater and the weight of materials delivered. Themes of the debate were about current issues, like politics, economy and education.

           To maintain the credibility of the debate, the committee chose experienced and qualified juries. Chairman of the jury was Helmia Asatri, student of International Relationship (HI) of UMM 2006, assisted by Wildan HI 2009 student and alumnus of UMM Communication Studies Department Ganda Bhaskara Saputra. "We have chosen very qualified and competent juries in the English," explained Zainal who was also the student of Communication Studies.

           As the host, based on the English debaters’ convention, UMM was not allowed to delegate the team. On the other hand, UMM only prepared the best possible facilities and infrastructure included the jury.

          Four universities successfully went to semifinal; those were Engineering Team of UB vs Unnes on class A, and Unpad team vs Undip on class B. The teams from Semarang won the match on yesterday night. They argued the theme about the problem related to Finance Minister Sri Mulyani with Century Bank and the World Bank. Undip deserved to be the second winner.

         One of the jury, Ganda Bhaskara Saputra, S. Ikom who was also the staff of the Education USA Advising Center, Jakarta, said that Undip team had succeed in giving the arguments about Century Bank case. They argued that Sri Mulyani was responsible for the case and should not accept the offer to become Managing Director of the World Bank before the case was finished. Undip team was awarded a trophy and funding Rp. 2,500,000, while the runner-up was given Rp. 1,500,000. (rwp/nas/t_alf)





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