Visit UMM, Arab Saudi IMAMU Rector Invites to Keep Tolerance and Peace

Author : Humas | Tuesday, April 11, 2017 12:40 WIB
The Rector of Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University (IMAMU), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Prof. Dr. Sulaiman bin Abdullah Aba Al Khail during  interviewing  after a scientific seminar in the auditorium of UMM.

AS FOLLOW UP of  Saudi Arabia’s king visit  Salman Abdul Aziz to Indonesia several days ago, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) increasingly strengthened humanity commitment through strengthening cooperation with a university and institution in Arab, namely  Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University (IMAMU).

This  realized through a visit of Higher the Institution Ulama of Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom,  including  the IMAMU Rector Prof. Dr. Sulaiman bin Abdullah Aba Al-Khail and his entourage. Beside holding a limited meeting with UMM official, this visit also held scientific seminar  on theme "Peace and Tolerance Values ​​in Islam and its Role in Strengthening Humanitarian Affairs" which took place in the auditorium of UMM on Tuesday (11/4).

Sulaiman delivered that the holding of this event as an effort to counter many forms of conspiracy and attempts of insult, which are often addressed to Islam. According to Sulaiman, it can be realized by educating cadres to become such a fully committed cadre to the right path.

"Cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Indonesia like two eyelids in the head. Hopefully Mr. Rector will see many exciting things after cooperation with our university, " Sulaiman said after giving a guest lecture in front of big family of UMM.

In the same occasion, the Rector of UMM Fauzan delivered that important points of cooperation that have been building between UMM and IMAMU have confirmed that Islam as religion of  peace and promoting tolerance.

"Saudi Arabia and Indonesia are ideologically siblings, which put Islam as an ideology. The warm welcome of Indonesian to King Salman’s visit actually described the yearning of two brothers who have not seen for long time," Fauzan said.

In addition to the Rector, IMAMU also has brought his two lecturers both Dr. Khalid As Syitsri and Dr. Jamil Al Khalaf, who is also the Chairman of the Al-Faqih at the High School of Justice of Saudi Arabia.

Good news also came after the dialogue. The official IMAMU through the Rector Sulaiman  will donate a number of Islamic books to increase the kind of books in the library of UMM. (Naz)



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