IBM Is Interested in Doing Business after Visiting UMM

Author : Humas | Saturday, November 28, 2015 12:44 WIB

Business Institute of Muhammadyah (IBM) Bekasi visited University of Muhammadyah Malang (UMM) on Saturday, November 28. The IBM group are welcomed by executive staff of UMM Vice Rector III, Joko Widodo, and UMM PR, Nasrullah, at the UMM Inn Hotel hall. There are IBM Rector, Dr. H. Suryatmono, SH, MM, along with some board members and 40 students of IBM.

           Suryatmono said that visiting UMM is because he was invited to visit UMM by the Rector, Prof. Dr. Muhadjir Effendy, M.AP, when he was a member in the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education. “He said that if you have a time, just drop by. Come and take a look at UMM,” said by Suryatmono while mimicking the UMM Rector.

           Suryatmono said that UMM is a beautiful university. However, he continued, not many people aware of how much effort UMM has put in order to grow this big. “That’s the reason we came. To directly see UMM also discuss about the development of this university. Especially, our IBM was founded last year,” he asserted.

           Joko Widodo claimed that UMM had put a lot of effort so they can grow this big. “Mr. Malik said that we must show everything. We were good at university newspaper and football so we showed them. If there was a football game, there were no learning activities,” he said.

           Joko said that this is important because, externally, people can acknowledge UMM and, internally, the students can be proud of being UMM students. “UMM wasn’t this big that time and people hardly know UMM. But now, UMM has become this big and students are proud to admit that they are UMM students,” he asserted.

           In this 2015 academic period, UMM appointed 6700 out of 21,000 students. UMM, now, concerns in increasing not only the quantity of the students but also the quality of academic, especially in the character building.

           Some of IBM students said that they are interested in the business units that UMM has. One of those students are Sanan, a management student. “I’m really interested in this university’s concept due its business units. There are many business units here. As a business institute, we have to have one of these business units,” Sanan asserted.

           In response to Sanan’s comment, Nasrullah as the Chief of UMM Public Relation, said that there are 14 business units. These business units have three functions, namely as one of UMM income sources, as place for students to practice, and to create an entrepreneurship atmosphere.

           “The students not only learn entrepreneurship theoretically but they also practice it. That’s why the UMM tuition fees is cheaper than the other private and state universities. Business unit can become students’ practicum media. The example is PLTMH (Micro-Hydro Power Plant) started from research then becomes students’ practicum media. Because of that, UMM is the only university in Indonesia which has its own power plant inside the campus.” Nasrullah asserted.

           After visiting UMM and having discussion, IBM Rector and his entourage were invited to Taman Rekreasi Sengkaling which is also one of the UMM business units. The IBM students also discussed with the UMM student activists about the development of students’ world. (han/t_rfd)  



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