Visit UMM, Two Schools Interest to Scholarship

Author : Humas | Tuesday, April 28, 2015 15:44 WIB

Again, University of Muhammadiyah Malang received a visit from school. In this time, the turn of SMK PGRI Giri Banyuwangi and SMA Bakti Idhata Jakarta visited to UMM in different times; SMK PGRI 1 came at 08.00 WIB, while SMA Bakti Idhata Jakarta came at 13.00 WIB. A total of 200 students also teachers were accepted at BAU hall UMM, Tuesday (28/4).

In introduction session that led exactly with the Head of Public Relation UMM. Nasrullah MSi, almost all students interested with the scholarship offered by UMM. “Scholarship at UMM are very much starting from the first register until in the middle of study, start from sibling scholarship, orphan, invitation, and others scholarship cooperated with parties outside the campus,” said Nasrullah.

Some questioners, one of them is Gisella asked what kind of scholarship available at UMM. Ida also asked the same question. “How is the entrance fee at UMM?” she asked.

According to Nasrullah, lecturer fee at UMM is relatively inexpensive compared with other campuses. He also exemplified, entrance fee in Faculty of Medical Science currently is Rp150 million. “If it compared with other campus, may be up to 400-750 million. Cost at UMM can be cheap because of income center that owned by UMM,” he said.  

One of teacher who companied student of SMK PGRI 1Giri, Joko said, their visit to UMM is in order to give example about the world of lecturing to all students. “The student we brought here are students from Office Administration and Art Culinary Department. Maybe later UMM can lead to which department if they want to study here,” he said.

SMA Bakti Idhata Jakarta also expressed the same things. They want to know general description of lecturing at UMM, also the kind of scholarship opportunities in this campus. Furthermore, they want to know Faculty of Medical Science and Faculty of Social Political Science at UMM.  

dr Rahayu, SpS, Vice Dean II of FK said the same thing with Nasrullah. In addition to lecturing fee in FK, she said the candidate of student who want to study at FK not only rich people, but has high intelligence level also appropriate with the wishes of prospective student. “Last time there was student who almost graduated; he told that he studied at FK because forced by his parents. We don’t want any student enter to UMM out of necessity, because it will be visible during the process of lecturing,” she said.    

Similarly, Drs Juli Astutik, MSi. PD III FISIP said, very precise if the candidate of student will chose FISIP UMM as the main choice. “All department of FISIP accredited A. Many alumni are already taken in the world of work and to be entrepreneur appropriates with the competence that learned in UMM,” said Juli.

Putri, student of SMA Bakti Idhata said, happy to visit UMM. “The campus is large and cool, hope can be one of references to choose a universitiy later,” said the 10-grade student. (zul/t_zuh)




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