The Key of Nation Development Is On Its Culture

Author : Humas | Sunday, September 01, 2019 16:48 WIB
Hilmar Farid explains the importance of culture in developing a nation. (Photo: Zaky/PR UMM)

Director General (Dirjen) Ministry of Education and Culture of Republic Indonesia (Kemdikbud RI) Hilmar Farid said, the key to the progress of each nation actually lies in its culture. "It's useless to use advanced technology. However, when the culture does not develop, there is no point in using the most sophisticated smartphone but still believes in hoaxes. This is one of the cultural problems,"Hilmar said.

Hilmar present for a scientific speech at the 93rd graduation ceremony of III Period of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) in the Hall Dome of UMM, Saturday (8/31) afternoon. The graduation procession was also attended by the Indonesian Minister of Education and Culture Prof. Dr. Muhadjir Effendy, M.A.P, Head of the UMM Daily Board of Trustees who is also a member of the Indonesian Presidential Advisory Council Prof. Drs. H. A. Malik Fadjar, M.Sc., representative of the Higher Education Research and Development Board, Muhammadiyah Central Executive Board, Prof. Syafri Syairin, Ph.D.

"We can see problems like this in our daily lives that many public facilities have been damaged because there is a high possibility thattheusers couldn’t receive enough information to improve their knowledge," Hilmar said. In every problem solving, required leaders in the Industrial 4.0 era who have the ability to communicate, decision making speed, and collaboration. And at each of these levels cooperation is really needed.

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Meanwhile, Minister Muhadjir also gave a message to the graduates. That what is needed now is not just mastering science and technology. But also the ability to adapt to master situations that are constantly changing and situations that continue to develop. "My message tothegraduates, all of you must have the ability of adaptation, do not be distorted because failedto adapt," said Muhadjir.

Notless important, the Headof the UMM Daily Board of Trustees, who was a Member of the Indonesian Presidential Advisory Council, Prof. Drs. H. A. Malik Fadjar, M.Sc. also advised. I expect all graduates to become scholars in the digital age at the same time, who are able to deliver this nation into a great nation. Who always keeps Unity in Diversity, NKRI, and always firmly adheres to the State philosophy ideology of Pancasila,” Malik said.

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This graduation inaugurated the graduation of Doctoral, Masters, Bachelor, Diploma III, and Professional Education Programs. This decision was based on the judiciary and the results of the 15 August 2019 leadership meeting. The number of graduates of the 93rd period III was 2461 people, consisting of 1084 male graduates and 1377 female graduates. At the final graduation, alumni cards were also handed over symbolically by UMM Rector Fauzan. (joh)



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