IP UMM Guest Lecture, US General Consulate Reviewed American Election System

Author : Humas | Thursday, September 15, 2016 12:30 WIB
US Consulate General, Heather Variava (middle), was at IP guest lecture in UMM. Photo: Distya Putri Handayani.

STUDY program of Government Science University of Muhammadiyah Malang (IP UMM) held a guest lecture entitled “The Dynamics of Presidential Election in American”, Thursday (15/9). This event presented Surabaya US General Consulate, Heather Variava, on Wednesday (14/9), which attended US education fair in UMM and networking dinner with UMM leaders and delegation of Universities of Muhammadiyah (PTM).

In the presentation, Heather Variava described the similarities and differences about American election system in Indonesia and US. Equation elections in Indonesia and the United States was equally direct elections. The candidates came from the constituency (electoral district). In United States, General Commission Election (KPU) was only general rule, or simply in adherence to the applicable procedures. Meanwhile, Regional Election Commission (KPUD) was vital to the implementation of election.

The other hand, said Heather, KPUD in Indonesia was marely representation only. KPUD acted as a representative commission, while KPU played an important rule to the implementation of the presidential election.

Head of IP UMM, Hevi Kurnia Hardini MA added, the most votes in the election in US was not a standard to the president chosen.

“In Indonesia, whoever candidates who get the most votes will be, while in US, the result which is from every state will be,” clearly.

Hevi elaborated, candidates A got the most voting than candidates B. However, the most voting were only from some areas, while candidates B got the bigger votes in more areas, thus candidates B who will be the president.

“Therefore, the total of region voters which becomes the barometer for the chosen,

not the total of votes,” pointed Hevy.

Not only about the presidential election, Heather Variava also told about election system for the member of House of Representative and Senate. In US, the election of House of Representative or DPR in Indonesia, was chosen once in every two years and president would be once in every four years. While in Indonesia, both DPR and president would be elected once in every 5 years.

The guest lecture was attended by 50 IP students from 5 semester who took course of Election System and Political Parties as well as the class representative and member of Student Association. Two years ago, IP students visited US General Consulate in Surabaya, whereas in 2015 visited American Embassy in Jakarta. Hevi revealed the IP students enthusiasm who not only studied about local government, but also tried to contact and communicate with organization or foreign institution in Indonesia.

“The true essence of the Embassies in Indonesia is to build relationship among governments. Hence, it does not only belong to International Relations, but also government.” (ich/han)



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