Mastering 3 Foreign Languages, this UMM Student Won the East Java Language Ambassador 2019

Author : Humas | Wednesday, August 28, 2019 10:35 WIB
Rima's Profile, East Java Language Champion 2019 (Photo: Mirza/PR)

Students of the University of Muhamadiyah Malang (UMM) made UMM proud again after receiving the title of East Java Language Ambassador 2019. Rima Nabila Dian Agustin, one of the students of Psychology Study Department who successfully won 1st place defeated the other participants.

The struggle to get the title in this prestigious event was not the first time followed by Rima, her nickname, a girl born in August 1997. This was the third time that Rima participated. It was 2017 until 2019, which made Rima always learned from mistakes.

The Language Ambassadors also followed the policy of the Ministry of Education and Culture regarding the Trigatra Bangun Bahasa policy which was prioritizing the Indonesian Language, Preserving Regional Languages ​​and mastering Foreign Languages. It was as one of assessment of this prestigious event.

Rima was also active in linguistic activities conducted during the Community Service Program by creating the Smart Children Theater Program (TENAR) and making an Activity book that included folklore and national songs with the aim of enhancing literacy culture.

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Besides Indonesia Language, Rima also mastered foreign languages such as English, German, Korean and mastered regional arts such as dancing Bapang Malangan, and Nyinden become one of its own attractions to get the highest assessment.

"I have never studied special arts in the area. I only learned self-taught from YouTube. The results of self-taught learning, I made it through many selections to win this event," said the daughter of Mr. Nahar Wibowo and Mrs. Etty Yuliartanti.

Interestingly, the mastery of Rima was unique. This beautiful virgin who liked watching Korean Drama (K-Drama) claimed to be an expert in Korean from watching movies. Unlike when he mastered German, he had learned from high school.

In addition, while being an active student of UMM, Rima also won other prestigious titles, such as Malang City Student Genre Student Ambassador, Vice 1 Kakang Mbakyu Malang City, Putri UMM Campus 2018 and Putri Taruna Nusantara East Java 2019.

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For her achievements at the provincial level, Rima had the right to go to the national level to be representative from the province of East Java to the National Language Ambassadors Election Selection event 2019. The selection named Rima as the Ambassador of the National Level Language 4th place, set aside from 34 other Provinces.

Although did not become the best, Rima admitted wanting to internationalize Indonesian. She was currently preparing to become an Indonesian ambassador for foreign speakers. With her language expertise now, she believed she can globalize Indonesian. (Win)



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