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Start from Monday (27/4), the programming of Kartu Rencana Studi (KRS) online for odd semester 2015/2016 is open. All student University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) are required to conduct KRS 1st step. While for non-active student, to administrate their activation started from 1 May until 18 August.

The chief of Academic Administration Bureau (BAA), Dr Dwi Priyo Utomo, MPd reminded, the student not to skip KRS for the first step. “Follow the steps that already announced on banner around campus or check through the web, if the student late to conduct KRS first step or exactly conduct the second step, the effect is the capacity of class that scheduled will be full or the subject which want to take unscheduled in KRS Online,” said Dwi.

He continued, KRS Online first step is to determine the total participant of course that will be used by the administrator of department to determine the schedule, lecturers and class. “Before conduct KRS, student are required to consult with academic supervisor in order to avoid any mistakes in programming the courses,” he said also advised don’t make any wrong click in programming the courses.

For KRS the first step, course programming maximally only 18 credits. “This KRS also not integrated with financial data of student. Later, after the second step is opened the credits that can be taken appropriate with the value from previous semester. In the second step, in the student haven’t pay, so cannot continue the process of KRS Online,” said Dwi.


Jadwal KRS Online Semester Ganjil 2015/2016.


KRS Online first step is conducted April 27 until June 13, 2015. While for 2nd step in is conducted in 1 until 22 of August after the value and payment are done so they can conduct modification of course. To check the status of payment, student can access through http:/ with sub menu keuangan. Therefore, student can find out any debt or paid so can conduct KRS Online second step. The period of payment is opened 26 June until 18 August in teller banks that chosen.

Dwi guaranteed KRS Online make student easier to program the course. The long period allows student to choose the right time so there is no buildup of access.

The socialization of KRS Online already conducted with various ways. There are through banners in each strategic corner of campus, posters, leaflets and communication with academic supervisor and head of department. For old semester, BAA send letter to addresses appropriate with the latest data base. Student also can go to the page “So there is no any reason to be late or not conducting KRS Online. It’s as easy as update status in social media. If there is any problem during the process of KRS, please come to BAA office,” he said.  (zul/nas/t_zuh)




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