Coordinator of Kopertis 7, AKU Award is Indeed Prestigious

Author : Humas | Thursday, May 21, 2015 10:46 WIB
Coordinator of Kopertis VII and Directorate General of HIgher Education as handing AKU Trophy to UMM Rector, on Wednesday (20/5).

Coordinator of Kopertis VII, Prof. Dr. Suprapto, DEA convinced that an award handed to private university was quite prestigious. Evidently, all private universities in East Java were encourage to get the annual Leading University Award (AKU).

            “This award successfully encourages all private universities to compete each other,” said him as being met during leadership meeting in Hotel J.W Marriot Surabaya, on Wednesday (20/5).

            According to Suprapto, AKU assessment criteria were very thoroughly covering all aspects in university management. Whoever the winner has surely met the criteria as leading university.

            This year, AKU award is handed to University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM). UK Petra and Catholic University of Widya Mandala Surabaya are in second and third place.

            Besides being provided to university category, AKU award also covers institutes, academies, and polytechnics.

            UMM has never been unbeaten since the first time AKU was held in last 2008. This university is regarded as the most competitive university. Therefore, Kopertis hoped that UMM could be more progressive in the competition. “Should dare to compete even against state universities,” he said.

            Admitting, there is still disparity among private universities. Yet, it should become progressive motivation, at least in terms of International relationship. “We should not see this such relationship merely through overseas seminar. Instead, we have to collaborate in terms of discussion, research, and real development,” added him.

            Thereby, he continued, UMM should be consistent in providing better International relationship. Besides, we have to carefully select faculties and maintain the graphic of research and society service.


            Kopertis hoped that AKU award could become benchmark to increase the competition among private universities. (nas/t_stu)



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