This Social Entrepreneurship Concept Brought UMM Alumni to Fly to America

Author : Humas | Thursday, April 04, 2019 13:03 WIB
Kasmawati (wear pink veil) took a picture together with the Indonesian delegation. (Photo: Special)

Kasmawati Ahmad, an alumnus of the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) elected to represent her province, Maluku, as a participant in the 2019 Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) in the United States. Kasma was registered in the Academic Fellowship category for five weeks.

Through the concept of social entrepreneurship that she carried out, which was "One Village One Product" for one of the large islands of the Maluku Islands, Buru Island, she left with 24 other participants from various provinces in Indonesia. Kasma flew to the USA for the spring of this year until April 29.

Kasma was placed at the University of Connecticut to learn to create and develop an entrepreneurial social business. "I can learn things that can make America a superpower. I hope I can use it for programs in my community, "said the activist of the Muhammadiyah Student Association (IMM).

Kasmawati togh with one of the lecturers at the University of Connecticut. (Photo: Special)

Kasma claimed to want to continue the social entrepreneurship community program that she founded on Buru Island which was the Mandiri Bupolo Community. "This community was established in June 2017 to realize the ideas of Buru Island youth included in the 3T area; underdeveloped, leading and outermost in Indonesia, "She said.

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According to her, when interviewed on Thursday (4/4) via WhatsApp, the villages found on Buru Island were far from developing. Due to a lack of knowledge for business management, low income, and high unemployment, people were trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty.

"For that, the best solution is to open direct access to the community to make products that can be marketed widely and meet standards. I realize that all people have the potential to progress, just need a little touch, "said the best graduate of the 3rd UMM in 2016.

The pattern of the Mandiri Bupolo Community program had 3 stages which are village schools, incubator and manufacturing businesses. At the first stage, there will be a village school with one month's training in business. Next, in the Incubator stage, the community will practice creating a business plan with the private sector.

"After business, design and funding are completed, the next stage is each village will be given the authority to create a marketable business. Hopefully every year, we can market a minimum of five products from villages in Buru Regency," explained the winner of the Education Fund Management Institution (LPDP) scholarship.

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Feeling encouraged, Kasma intended to take the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree which focuses on economic development. In fact, Kasma had pocketed the Unconditional Letter of Acceptance (LoA) or a statement has been received at a College without conditions. Just waiting for time.

"Now I'm waiting for results from several campuses in America. Incidentally, only one campus has released the LOA from Uncon (The American University). Just pray for mid-April there is good news for other campuses. And this September I can go to America again to study S2, "she concluded. (Win)



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