AICIC Discusses Conflict on Muslims

Author : Humas | Friday, November 17, 2017 16:02 WIB

Annual International Conference on Islamic Civilization (AICIC) was officially opened (17/11) by Rector of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Fauzan. On this occasion, the Rector expressed his pride for this activity.

"I appreciate your presence in this room. This is an honor for UMM because it can bring people from various countries to contribute on islamic civilization, " Fauzan  said.

The speech of the UMM Rector was followed by a speech delivered by Center for Arab and Islamic Studies director of Australian National University (ANU), Amin Saikal, who also acted as the keynote speaker. At this opening, Amin Saikal delivered his speech on title How Islamic has 'Islamic State' been? Amin Saikal said, Islamic state invites people to know deeper concept of Islam more broadly.

"Islamic states invite you to be able to know the real concept of Islam and to be able to understand us about the true Islam,"  Amin said.

During question and answer session, many participants tried to discuss the conflicts that are happening in the world today. The same thing was also conveyed by  Islamic Education of the Ministry of Religious Affairs Directorate General Kamaruddin Amin, who stated that conflicts were happening in the world especially concerning Muslims today was homework for all of us.

"Acceleration in the field of science, information, and technology in various parts have changed things are also the order of human life. This change is expected to be a way to transform human beings to become better human beings, "Kamaruddin said.

AICIC would last for three days Friday-Sunday (17-20 / 11). the AICIC activities included conference and panel sessions to discuss the results of papers that have been selected and would last for two days. This activity would be closed with a tour of ​Malang.



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