UMM Communication Celebrates Three Decades Milad

Author : Humas | Tuesday, October 11, 2016 13:18 WIB

CELEBRATE 30th birthday, Communication Studies of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) held a series of activities titled "Decade 3 3 Dedication". The name of this activity marked the gait of the study program for 3 decades, which was the dedication of three concentrations of study, namely public relations (PR), journalism and media studies, as well as audio-visual communication.

Since 1986 until now, UMM Communication had spawned 18,900 graduates, many of whom had now become a professional practitioners in their respective fields. Communication had also been reached best accreditation (A). It also won the Best School of Communication of Mix Magazine for three consecutive years.

The top event milad celebration would take place on 15 October in one of the business units belonging to UMM which is in UMM Sengkaling Culinary. The event raised brand "COMMpilation". The brand was a play on the acronym signifying communication science communication and compilation which meant a compilation of three series of activities, namely reunion, gathering, and the inauguration.

The reunion invited all alumni, which was followed by the establishment of alumni associations. According to the Head of the Laboratory of Communication Studies UMM, Jamroji MComm, the main purpose of the establishment of the alumni association was as a place to share and contribute to the development of UMM Communication. "The Alumni Association will also be a host of the alumni to contribute to his alma mater. So when Study Program needs one of the alumni we can directly invite to the UMM, "said professor of Communication Studies UMM.

The next gathering was held in which alumni and all students could gather. "We invite all students to unite with less alumni. This gathering is expected to provide a connection from the alumni to the students, "said Jamroji.

Then in the inaugural event would be given awards at some of the figures that acted on the founding Communication Studies. Not only that, there would also be launching new logo of Communication Studies UMM.

The series of events "3 Decades of Dedication 3" had been started since the beginning of this year marked by a number of events which were the appreciation night UMM Communication in Action (KommAksi), national competition CommuniNation, and roadshows Eagle Award. (Jal / han)



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