UMM Communication Designed the First International Children's Film Festival in Malang

Author : Humas | Monday, March 11, 2019 10:04 WIB

Predicted, in the future, children will be more lay with audio-visual literacy or refer to the use of sound and image components. "Now, literacy is still written and read. Later it will be audiovisual. If children cannot be audiovisual, they cannot write, "explained Novin Farid Setyo Wibowo, S.Sos, M.Sc. lecturer in the Communication Departement at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM).

So, called the head of the UMM Communication Science Laboratory on Saturday (09/03), children needed to be treated a learning media that were in accordance with their conditions. Do not let, continued Novin, social media eroded the creativity of children with a dish that was not quality. "Children now have great potential but need a place to guide them. One of them is through the film festival, "said Novin.

Novin said that he planned to hold an international children's film festival next year in Malang. Reflect on the Social Change Film Festival, in New Orleans, Louisiana which he visited when visiting America. According to him, a sustainable children's film festival needed to be held in Malang to raise Malang locality so that Malang children did not forget the culture of their homeland.

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Not just a dream, because Novin also had several international relations to help make it happen. One of them was the organizer of the Chicago Film Festival. He said that the children's film festival will be held next year. For this year, he was still focusing on finding funding so that the right event was realized. While the Children's Film Festival will be held in July 2019.

Novin said the fourth of Children's Film Festival was held different from previous years because film screening was not held at UMM. But in a village. “Later, who will assess student films are lecturers and the community. As a form of appreciation for filmmakers. We have prepared 18 awards for films produced by students, "he said.

To find out the community's response to children's theme films, UMM Communication Science Department also held a joint cinema watching 'Bioling' UMM at a number of points. For example in the Voly Ball field of Permata Regency Housing, Karangploso, Malang (6/3). This event succeeded in attracting the enthusiasm of the audience. About 300 spectators attended, ranging from children, teenagers and also parents.

Anang Fachrudin Rahman (23) as the Karang Taruna representative admitted that he was happy that watching together could be held in his place. He mentioned the community need spectacle worth education. The films that were screened included Slirit, Kim Soo Ri, Darah Biru Arema, Asa Angkasa, Superheru, and so on. The audience was also entertained by the distribution of door prizes during the film screening. (Win)



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