U-11 Competition, UMM Commitment Promotes Indonesian Football

Author : Humas | Saturday, October 20, 2018 08:31 WIB
UMM Rector, Dr. Fauzan, M.Pd, received a rotating trophy from Radar Malang as a symbol of the start of the U-11 soccer competition. (Photo: Aan / UMM Public Relations)

Rector Cup UMM 2018 U-11 COMPETITION was officially held. The competition that was first held was opened by the Deputy Mayor of Malang, Sofyan Edi Jarwoko at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) football stadium, Friday (10/19) morning. A total of 96 clubs competed to take the first place in this competition.

In his speech when opening the event, Sofyan really appreciated UMM's efforts and endeavors in supporting Malang Raya football and of course Indonesia. "Thank you to UMM who have been very striving to realize their support. This is a real action, extraordinary!" said Sofyan.

According to Sofyan, nurseries and early coaching are important for the development of Indonesian football. This is embodied in the football school (SSB). However, there is not so much football competition though the competition can accommodate so many SSBs to test their abilities.

Meanwhile, Harris Tofly, chairman of U-11 Football Competition Rector Cup UMM 2018, said that it was so great interest in football schools to take part in the U-11 Football Competition at UMM. "There are 215 clubs that have been registered. However, what we received was only 96. Very big enthusiasm," he explained.

The 96 teams were divided into 24 groupsh where each group is filled with 4 teams. The winner and runner-up of each group have the right to the next round. Starting from the top 48 to the peak was held on Sunday (10/19). Besides Java-Bali, Eastern Indonesia teams also competed.

Regarding to regulation, continued Harris, the tournament was adopted from the Danone Cup. This event applied the rules, namely each team plays 8 players and has the right to change up to 4 players and each match is held in 2x15 minutes duration.

Considering this competition is an event for children aged 11 years and under, the size of the field is adjusted, which is 40x60 meters. "So, our UMM field is divided into two parts," explained Haris, a UMM Law Faculty lecturer who is also UMM Football School (SSB) coach.

A number of SSB from Malang which have big names, such as UMM, Arema Academy, and Putra Jaya took part in the first new competition held at UMM Stadium and Merjosari. Then, there are also teams from outside Malang, namely United Surabaya, Jember Pordes, Mondoteko Rembang, to Bali FC. Furthermore, the teams from Eastern Indonesia also competed.

While the rewards for the winners, the first winner of U-11 Football Competition Rector Cup UMM 2018 not only got a trophy but also scholarships from UMM and coaching fee. "We will continue to give appreciation to the teams in the 5, 6, 7 and 8 position. Then, the top scorer and the best player," he said.

UMM Rector, Dr. Fauzan M.Pd, said in the future his party will hold this biennial routine competition. This is a manifestation of UMM's commitment to fully support football sports, as well as its nurseries. "We will increase cooperation with KONI (Indonesian National Sports Committee, ed.), both at the Malang and Provincial levels," he said.

The vision of SSB UMM as the main organizer of this competition, said Fauzan, is in line with the hopes of a sportive, friendly and peaceful football tournament. Fauzan continued, this kind of competition is also to show the concern and seriousness of various elements of society in realizing a healthy society.

The soccer competition, which was held as the biggest early age group tournament this year, was symbolically opened by Sofyan Edi Jarwoko by kicking off from the middle of the field. When the ball was kicked, all the competition participants roar after the ball and scream a goal when the ball made it into the goal. (ard)



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