The Commission X of House of Representative Holds Public Comment on Draft Bill of Book System at UMM

Author : Humas | Wednesday, March 22, 2017 16:55 WIB
The 2017 Draft Bill of Book System Committee Working  Chief Sutan Adil Hendra Ir HAR MM (third from right) while talking during public comment agenda at UMM.

There are several of books that still have been spreading and  have not uphold the values of Pancasila (five pillars) and the 1945 Preamble of the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia, the legal certainty unoptimal for book perpetrators, as well as the absence of a legal framework regarding book and has a huge impact against the limititation of people access toward a qualified, cheap and smart books.

Thus, management of book  through an integrated book system was absolutely necessary to improve the quality of society life as a bridge towards the achievement of nation intelligence. Said the 2017 Draft Bill (RUU) of Book System Working Committee (Panja) Chief The Commission X of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia (DPR RI) Ir HAR Sutan Adil Hendra MM during public comment agenda of 2017 draft bill of book system at UMM, Wednesday (22 / 3).

"At this time the managing of book still scattered in various laws and regulations that required the setting of book systematiccally and comprehensively. The managing is aimed to cover all components of Books, namely authors, translators, adapters, editors, designers, illustrators, printers, developer of electronic books, publishers and bookstores, " Sutan said.

Beside those book components Sutan added that the bill also regulates such as shape, type, content of book, rights and public obligations and the book perpetrators, authorities and responsibilities of the National Government and Regional Government, publishing, printing, development of book electronics, distribution, usage, provisioning, and monitoring. To ensure the implementation of law enforcement, the  administrative sanctions was also managed  for anyone who violates several provisions of this bill.

The public test attended by  a UMM Law Expert, Dr. Sidik Sunaryo MHum and an Academician of  University of Malang State (UM), Prof. Dr. Djoko Saryono MPd who had given number of notes on the 2017 draft bill of book system that being proposed by the commission X of DPR RI. As the keynote speaker at this event namely the Education and Culture Minister Prof Dr Muhadjir Effendy MAP.

Additionally, Kabalitbang of Kemendikbud RI Ir totok Surayitno PhD and an expert staff of Mendikbud on regulation field Chatharina Girsang MH, also delivered comments on the expert suggestion and the academician toward  draft bill of book system act.

Furthermore, UMM Rector Drs Fauzan MPd welcomed warmly the holding of the 2017 draft bill of book system at the campus. Fauzan said that UMM was always ready and opened to be involved in all things regarding to to the nation and state’s interests. (Naz)



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