Singapore, UMM Student Collaborate to Increase UMKM Production in Temas Village

Author : Humas | Tuesday, September 19, 2017 12:38 WIB
 a prototype made by UMM and SP students to facilitate production of onion.

As many as 31 students of Singapore Polytechnic (SP) and 34 students of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) succeeded in creating three prototypes that can assist the production of micro, small and medium enterprises (UMKM) in Temas Village, Kota Batu, East Java. The productions such as fried onions, traditional herbal medicine, and bananas.

The three prototypes were designed by 65 students both UMM and SP during a week, since September 12-19, 2017 through Learning Express (LEx) program. Its result, the prototypes were exhibited at UMM Library Hall which was also attended by representatives from Temas Village on Tuesday, September 19.

The  65 students were divided into three groups randomly, they were required to research in detail in order to find the core problem. through production of fried onions, the participants managed in modifying a table to overcome the onion that falling when cutting. With that table, onion cutting also becomes faster and hygienic.

The production of traditional herbal medicine, the participants created a prototype of squeezer to make traditional herbal medicine faster and hygienic. Its waste could be made into candy and some products that have high economic value.

Finally, banana sellers, the students created a prototype a place where modified mechanically on a tarpaulin that  used to avoid bananas from heat and rain. In addition, also made a prototype table that can rotate so process of granting carbide can be faster and easier.

UMM Assistant Rector for Cooperation Soeparto explained in the future this program would not stop here. The prototype results of this LEx activity would be followed up again. "Hopefully, the prototype that already proposed by participants will be developed in Singapore and Japan and tested by lecturers scientifically. For the participants were also expected to follow up this activity directly to village and certainly accompanied by lecturers," Soeparto added.

Jarren Toh Jing Jie, a LEx participant from Singapore admitted very happy with this activity. He also felt had a lot of experiences that he would not get on campus.

"This activity is very interesting. Here we can exchange knowledge with other participants, especially with UMM students. In addition to the prototypes that I have learned on campus, here I also learn about cultural, social and marketing sciences. Something that I rarely get as an engineering student," said this student of Aerospace Engineering Department, Singapore Polytechnic.

In addition to the participants, positive impression was also obtained by Temas Village residents. Saudi, Temas residents claimed Lex's participants as family. the participants he said openly caring each other related to problems that exist in the village.

"This activity is very useful for us as owners of UMKM. Besides to help in production problems, we are also given marketing strategies for UMKM especially for banana, fried onion and traditional herbal medicine. Hopefully, the students from both Singapore Polytechnic and UMM can develop local products of Indonesia in the future, " Saudi concluded as a representative of Temas Village. (Naz)



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