UMM Pharmacy-Communication Studies Collaboration Won the First Place in the Health Education Video Competition in Undip Semarang

Author : Humas | Thursday, October 18, 2018 09:46 WIB
Dimas Fajar Aziz

University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) won the first place in a national video competition held by LPM Publica Health FKM University of Diponegoro (Undip) Semarang, (14/10). The collaboration team of UMM Communication and Pharmacy Study Program students as the best national champion was well prepared.

The team member, Dimas Fajar Aziz, said that his team was very optimistic that they would be in the first rank as an additional bonus that had been done so far. "Everything we have gone through so far is a bonus given by God for the struggle and effort of our process," said the team leader.

After going through several selection rounds by the committee, UMM team consisting of Dimas Fajar Aziz (Pharmacy), Achmat Bagas Apriliyanto (Pharmacy), Kinka Dwirasti Radhani (Communication Sciences) has reached the final round. In the final round, UMM met two challenger teams from the Faculty of Public Health and Faculty of Psychology, University  of Diponegoro (Undip).

In this round, the three jury were presented in their fields to assess the originality, suitability with the theme, message delivered as well as the quality of the video made by the participants. One of the juries is Mahesa Nugraha from NET Media Tama. UMM presented as a team from out of town, UMM Team framed 4 minutes 54 seconds video using a language that easily understood.

The competition carried the theme "Health in the Digital Era". From the several available sub-themes, UMM team chose "Sex Education in the Age of Millennials". Through the video, UMM team argued that abnormal sex behaviour or sexually deviant behaviour among students could be solved using the CURIN or Curriculum and Information method that was inserted between the subjects of elementary school to secondary school.

In this case, no need to rush to make teenagers understand their role in the future lives. "The delivery of sex education can be supported by positive direction, supportive explanations, guidance from teachers that do not cause negative effects on children's psychology on sex," explained Kinka Dwirasti Radhani as the second speaker of UMM team in the video.

The readiness of UMM team to become a champion has been confirmed by Dian Ermawati, M.Farm Apt. As the coach of UMM video team, she claimed that she did not doubt the ability of the students. She believed then after UMM video team successfully won in the national video competition which was followed by universities from all over Indonesia. UMM came out as the first winner to defeat Undip Semarang which is the host at the same time. (ard)



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